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There are numerous reasons why people go to bars to hang out. It is a lot cheaper to buy beer and alcohol and drink it at home yet people continually go to bars. Here are some of the top reasons why people go to bars.

Companionship and Meeting People


Yes men go to bars to meet women and even a few women will go hoping to pick up on guys. Shocking that people would use a bar to meet people of the opposite sex uh? Yeah I know it is an obvious answer but it is also one of the primary reasons that many people go to the bars. Some people just want to find a partner for sex and others will be looking for a potential life mate. Either way bars are a hotspot for meeting people to date.

In addition many people go to bars simply for the companionship of the other patrons. It can be nice to hang out and vent with your friend at the bar. Maybe you need some life advice and feel your favorite bartender can help you put more than anyone else can. Some people go to the bar specifically to talk and have male bonding time with other guys. It can get lonely in this big World for some people and if they find friends at the bar then that is where they will tend to hang out. Nobody likes to be alone and bars provide an excellent haven for finding friends so you are not all alone.


Some bars are Coyote Ugly wild and others are very calm. Both types of bars attract people who want to simply relax. Maybe you had a bad week and you just want to sit at a bar and sip on a pitcher of beer. Relaxing from the real World is a major reason that people go to bars. If your wife is nagging at you then head to the bar.

Get into a Fight

Most people do not actively look for a fight but there are always a few people who want to get into a fight. These people do not care if they win or lose the fight. These fighters prefer to win the fight but they do not have to win the fight to have fun. Where else is better to get into a fight then a bar? It is not the most popular reason to go to the bar for most of us but for a few select people there is nothing better than meeting someone at the bar to get brawl with.

Have Fun

Having fun is one of the primary reasons people go to the bar. If bars were not fun then people would not go there. People might go to the bar to sing Karaoke, dance, or even eat Nachos. Bars are always coming up with new gimmicks to get people in the door and they will keep these gimmicks and variations of the gimmicks to keep the people coming back. Karaoke started off as gimmick from Japan but the popularity of it soared and karaoke can now be found at bars all around the Country.

Pool Leagues

Pool leagues vary from each area as to how they are operated but generally a pool league will be played at a different bar each week. This gives the participating bars a chance to get more customers, sell more drinks, and to simply vary their customer base up a little bit for the regulars.

I have know a lot of different people who would never go to the bar except they love playing on competitive pool leagues so these people continually return to the bar each week during pool playing season.


Heading out to the bar to watch the current MMA fight or football game is very fun. Sportscasts attract many people to bars each year. One of the most magnificent thing is that you might have a crappy television at home but if you go to the right bar you can have a huge television screen to watch the games on.

Live Music

One of the largest draws to bars is live band. Live music is a great draw for bars. Everything from local cover bands to major rock and Country bands have found bars to be popular venues. A bar will often be able to recoup the cost of the band plus make a profit if they have the right venue and market it properly. Nothing has shown to draw people to bars like live music from great bands that people love to listen too.

No Clean Up

If you party at home you have a huge mess to clean up the next day and you may have some of your things broken and other valuables stolen. When you party at a bar you do not have to worry about any of these things. If your buddy gets drunk and vomits on the floor you do not have to clean that disgusting mess up. When you party at a bar you wake up the next morning and do not have to worry about cleaning your house up front he night before.



Some people will always be critical of bars and the environments. Yes a lot of so-called sinning goes on at bars including meeting pre-marital sex partners and drinking alcohol; however, a lot of good also comes from bars. Some people may be suicidal if they had no friends and these shy people find bars are an excellent place to meet people easily and to develop life-long friendships. If you like music, beer, pool, and women then a bar may be one of the best places to visit. Bars are representative of the socio-economic lines of our Country. Rich people tend to go to upper scale bars and have drinks with olives and us poor people go to redneck bars and chug beer from a pitcher.

Before you get too critical of bars remember that our Country was founded by revolutionists who hung out in taverns drinking beer.

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