The Subway sandwich shops are extremely popular. Subway seems to have sandwich shops located around every curve, regardless of where you live. Here are some of the top reasons why Subway is so popular and such a successful business.


Jared Fogle became famous when he lost a lot of weight by eating nothing but Subway Sandwiches. His story was picked up and eventually he became a spokesperson for Subway. Subway promoted that eating their sandwiches combines with a lot of exercise could help you lose weight. Unlike a lot of companies Subway did not promote this as a miracle cure or snake oil. Subway was very specific that you also had to exercise. Subway let people know in their ads that if people started eating healthy variations of their sandwiches but did not exercise then you still would not lose weight.

Happy Gilmore

Another of the more famous Subway spokesman was Happy Gilmore. Adam Sandler portrayed the hapless hockey player turned golfer in the movie Happy Gilmore. In the movie Happy Gilmore constantly ate at Subway and eventually got a card for “free subs for life” in exchange for promoting the company. Happy Gilmore helped to make Subway very popular among young college students. Happy Gilmore was directly responsible for helping Subway rip away a lot of the core business for Taco Bell. College kids still ate a Taco Bell, but they were choosing to eat at Subway a lot more often.

$5 footlongs

The $5 footlong was probably the most popular marketing aspect in the history of the Subway Company. There was a list of core sandwiches in which you could get an entire 12” of sandwich for only $5.00. Of course Subway would scalp you with the cost of a soda, but the sandwich costs were very reasonable. You can get cold sandwiches or you can have the sandwich toasted in the toaster. There is nothing mote satisfying then a footlong spicy Italian toasted well done with provolone cheese.

Viewed as healthy

Subway sandwiches are viewed as a healthier alternative to greasy fast food from restaurants such as McDonalds and Taco Bell. Subway sandwiches can be topped with anything you choose so if you choose a footlong meatball sandwich with extra cheese and heavy mayo then you will not be eating a healthy sandwich. On the other hand they have other sandwiches that can be healthy and low in fat as long as you leave off the cheese and the extra mayonnaise and load it up with fresh vegetables instead.

 Numerous and convenient locations


Subway in RussiaCredit:

There are Subway locations seemingly everywhere. There are even smaller communities that have multiple locations that are all successful. The most current number is that Subway is in 98 different Countries and has 37,881 total locations. This is pretty amazing when you consider that Subway did not even start business until 1965.

Sub card loyalty cards

At Subway you can get a customer loyalty card and earn 1 point for every dollar spent. You can then get free stuff with the points including a footlong sub for 75 points. Sub cards are a way to reward valuable customers who return multiple times in a month as well as helping to build customer loyalty among newer customers.

Scrabble Contests

Subway has had multiple ways of attracting customers in. One of the popular marketing events has been when they held the games based in Scrabble. You would get game pieces with each order and if you had the right pieces you could win huge prizes. You could also win instant prizes such as a free cookie.


 Subway CookiesCredit:

The cookies at Subway are fantastic. As long as the employee does not overcook the cookies and make them hard you will enjoy them. The cookies are soft and very flavorful. Each location ahs different cookie flavors available but they all taste great.

Choice of Breads

In the old days of Subway you could chow from white bread or wheat bread. Today there are numerous choices of flavors including herbs and cheese. The bread is baked fresh at each location and the smell of the fresh bread also helps to bring in customers.

Low-Cost Franchise

For businessmen the franchise cost and overall start-up costs for a Subway location will be much less then the investment needed for other restaurants like Burger King and McDonalds. The low investment cost compared to other restaurants has helped the Subway chain grow even faster. The more locations there are then the more apt people are to visit Subway.


Drive-thrus at fast food restaurants are very common, but Subway revolutionized this for sandwich shops. Not all Subways have a drive-thru to order and Subway definitely wasn’t the first submarine sandwich shop to offer a drive through however many of their locations have a drive-thru. The combination of fast food that is not a burger and fries (the sub sandwich from subway) combined with the drive-thru makes Subway cheap, easy, convenient, and potentially healthy depending on how you order your sandwich.

Breakfast Sandwiches

Most Subways have historically been open from morning to late at night. In order to expand their customer base Subway has been serving breakfast sandwiches at many of their locations. It is common to see construction workers or other types of workers eating a breakfast sandwich early in the morning and simultaneously ordering a sub sandwich to go for their lunch later in the day.

By selling breakfast sandwiches Subway is open even earlier in the morning now. The breakfast sandwich menu combined with the earlier hours has made it even more convenient for people to go to Subway. The cool thing about Subway at breakfast time is that you can still order their regular Subway sandwiches if you want to. If it is 7:30 in the morning and you want a footlong meatball sandwich then you can order one up and they will make it for you. It may take a few minute longer as they might have to get the meatballs from the back of the store but the final product tastes just as good.