The ‘tweet’ of that blue bird drives me nuts! Honestly, what on earth was I thinking when I joined this troop of lame headed followers and forgot that I am entering across the borders to the city of ‘attention seekers’I should have drowned in my bowl of shame which I thought wouldbe left untouched in this life before acknowledging the fact that I have given this city the honor of my presence.

I know my disrespect for this social network god is going to stimulate the worshippers to hunt me down through their swords of comments, but trust me, I have my sword made right from facts and refined through my search for the reality behind this false beauty.


The resting place for attention seekers:

‘Hey I was at shopping mall’, ‘I just got a bath’, ‘Dinner with friends’,  all these so called tweets just to add up to the bucket of followers! Why should we care when you bought a new cat or when you broke up from your love?  You join and what you get is a long sigh of cold indifference welcoming you. Nobody reads your tweets because you are a nobody to them. Still people will stream in their search for attention.


Long live celebrities:

Celebrities have taken over Twitter like an infestation. Seriously, it feels like you are walking through a showbiz street with celebs show casing their brands, shows and movies with a bit of spice of their conversations and gossips. A tweet from them makes your day. But knock knock! They don’t even know you are following them, so please! Get a life!


Followers, a bunch of unknown people:

You followed me on Twitter? Yaaay! For you, but for me I don’t even care why you followed. You Tweet and re-Tweet with the desire to comment to an audience with your every minute status. Why cannot you enjoy your shopping without reaching out for the phone to Tweet because you are losing a follower every minute? Follower you don’t even care to know more than a part of your count.


Interruption on social interaction:

You ask the stocks and what you get is ‘Read the Tweets!’ There are examples of twitterobsessed being asked about how you are doing these days and response is ‘follow my Tweets’. We are doomed. Civilization has survived for 10,000 years without twitter but now our verbal and physical social ways of connection are being controlled by the mute but still noisy Tweets!


Character Limitation:

You give your time, Google space and above all your attention to twitter and what you get is a 140 characters limitation. I have more characters on my text messaging for heaven’s sake!



Internet market on

Market people using twitter to sell their brand?  One comment: ‘rest in peace!’ Out of all the bulk of offers available on internet for your product sale, you chose Where did all the bunch of ideas go that you had for your product promotion?

And then there are twitter spammers, Click here and you will get hundreds of dollars a day? 50 tweets a day to turn twitter into revenue for you.


Twitter will continue to survive as long as people are there following the decaying creativity of man in the form of their tweets in their quest of becoming famous.