There is much to see in this world

Life is an adventure, and there is much in this world to see, live, and do.


1. Live abroad in another country

Living abroad in another country is an opportunity that no one should pass up.  The ability to travel and live among another culture will greatly enhance your life in many positive ways, allowing you expand your knowledge and gain valuable experiences that you would not be able to have if you stayed in your home country.

If you were to stay in a another country you would quickly begin to notice the difference, as well as the various advantages that you will be able to gain by being a resident instead of a tourist.  Communicating with the locals, eating the foods everyday, and seeing new customs that you aren't used to.

There's nothing better than being able to talk to the locals in town, especially if they communicate in a language that isn't your first.  You'll be amazed to see how friendly, helpful, and genuine people are when you begin to travel, in spite of what you see and are told from television.


2. Language

This may be one of the most popular reasons why people travel.  Many people travel to other countries in order to enhance, strengthen, and learn a new language.  There's definitely a noticeable difference from someone who studies a language in high school, even college, compared to someone else who has studied a language in another country. 

Language is an important aspect of any culture, and in order to gain an in depth understanding of it, you should be fully surrounded by it in your daily life.  If you see, hear, and taste the language, you will quickly begin to adjust and adapt its structure into your mind.

It's always fun to go back home and show your friends a new alphabet that you've learned or some new phrases that 


3. Learn more about yourself

This is probably one of the greatest advantages to living abroad and traveling.  You'll be amazed too see how much you are able to learn about others and yourself while you travel.  Maybe you'll pick up a new hobby, learn annoying tick you have that others notice, or get new habits that improve your health. 


4. Experience a new culture

There's so much to learn from others, and experiencing other cultures first hand will provide you with an enriching opportunity that can't be gained by reading web articles or watching videos on youtube.