The only have communities throughout the United States and Canada but the most famous Amish communities are those in Pennsylvania and Ohio. If you're in the area of an Amish community hear some of the reasons you should visit and spend the day with the Amish.

Simpler Times

It’s very refreshing to see how the Amish live in today's modern world. It seems like we are always looking down at our Smartphone’s and spend more time in the internet world in the real world.

By visiting the Amish the help parking you back to a simpler time. I think the only sane person always reminds me of The Andy Griffith Show. What would The Andy Griffith Show have been like if they had Smartphone’s, Internet, Netflix, and all the other so called modern conveniences that we use daily? It is very refreshing to see of society such as the Amish better living without modern conveniences. Yeah there's a lot of third world nations that don't have the modern conveniences, but when you see a society that could have access to it but chooses not to, well that is very refreshing.

Spiritually Uplifting

Amish Winter FarmCredit: Flickr/Nicole Yeary

Looking good all the sacrifices the Amish make for the religion is very spiritually uplifting to me. Regardless of your religious beliefs the Amish can be very spiritually uplifting to visit, even if you are and agnostic or atheist.


Getting home style Amish cooked food is like the ultimate comfort food. Instead of getting out at restaurants in McDonalds at every meal like many American seemingly do then instead cook all of their meals. The more time you spend cooking them the better you get at it and the Amish women are among some of the best cooks in the world.

Handcrafted Furniture

The Amish men make some awesome looking furniture. If you get to see some real Amish men hand crafting truly custom handmade furniture then you will see some amazing expert woodworking skills.

Amish Transportation

Amish Buggies ParkedCredit: Flickr/Wild Salmon Kitchen

Two of my favorite things about the Amish are there transportation. I love looking at the Amish buggies. In today’s society we have the Tesla electric roadster that is an amazing vehicle with and almost 300 mile range and never needs fuel. As high tech and cool as the Tesla electric roadster is I am just as fascinated with the Amish horse and buggy.

The Amish kick scooters are also something that I love. Not only do the kids ride kick scooters around but you will also see adults with adult sized scooters rolling around. I'm not a fan of the hipster movement on the way they dress but I do love seeing an elderly Amish man in traditional Amish clothing rolling along on a scooter.

English to Amish Home Remodeling

because the Army for spreading so rapidly and new land is often scarce without moving away from the Amish community you were raised in the Amish often how to buy an English home.

The English is anyone that is not Amish. When an Amishmen buys the home of an English person they must remodel the home in the style of the Amish. One of the first things they will do is remove all of the wiring for the electricity. When we buy homes the electrical system is part of the process that the home inspector will look at to ensure it is in working order. I think it's kind of funny that the Amish will remove all modern conveniences that we see as vital such as electricity from a new home they buy, but I also find it very admirable.

Different Yet Similar

Amish ScooterCredit: Flickr/Ardyiii

As different as the Amish culture is to the society that we live in there are also a lot of similarities. One example of the similarity is the way in which they gossip.

Each Amish community has slightly different standards of what is it is not allowed. And some Amish communities the leaders a while rubber tires on the buggies but in other Amish communities rubber tires on the buggies are not allowed because it is considered a modern convenience it is not necessary. Amongst themselves the Amish will often gossip about the other communities and what they allow. They might be saying things that insinuates that they are holier than the other communities because they do not allow rubber tires.

Pennsylvania Dutch

Most of all these can speak English what's your first language is often Pennsylvania Dutch. Pennsylvania Dutch is an offshoot of the German language. It’s really cold here Pennsylvania Dutch being spoken. In 2013 it is estimated that there are over 280,000 Amish in the United States alone. That is a lot of people speaking Pennsylvania Dutch.

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