There is no reason that you should not vote. If you are 18 years of age or older then you should be voting at every election. Many people assume that they will only vote at the Presidential elections, but you should be voting at every election at the State and local levels also. Here are some of the top reasons to vote.

Make Your Voice Count

You only may be 1 vote out of millions but your vote truly does count. You may not be able to directly affect the outcome of a Presidential race, but then again you never know. You vote does however count, especially at the local level when you are voting on community issues.

You should always vote, even if your party is the minority in your State. If you keep voting and encourage others with similar views to vote then each election you can see progress towards you goal of eventually getting your party or platform into the side with majority of vies.

Regardless of how sane or radical you political views are, your vote will get registered and counted. Voting in such a free society truly is part of being an American. If you are not voting then you could even be considered to not be very patriotic. If you want to support our troops, wave American flags at the 4th of July Parade, and barbecue with your children on holidays then it is vital that you vote because if you do not vote then you are providing a poor example to not only your children but showing disrespect to all of the people who do not live in societies where voting is allowed or not done in such a s free manner like in the United States because in Countries such as North Korea and even China the citizens do not have a vote that matters. You do have a vote that matters so get out and vote at every election regardless of your political views.

Voting For Our Children

When you vote you are not just voting for yourself, but you are also voting for your children. Your kids are not 18 yet so they cannot legally vote so when you vote your are also voting on behalf of your children. You vote affects more than just you. Look to the future and decide what would be best for you children and then keep that thought in mind when you go to vote at the polls.

American Right


You have the right to vote. People in other Countries would literally go to war and fight for that right so we should not take our voting duties lightly. If you are of the legal age to vote then you should be voting in every election regardless of how big or small it is.

Affect Change

The best way to affect change is by voting. You have no right to gripe about the outcome of an election if you did not go and vote. You can directly influence an election by voting and you never know of your single vote could be the one vote that breaks a tied vote. Look at the 2000 Presidential Election in the United States. Nobody could have predicted that the Presidential Election would hinge on a single State. Voters in Florida truly had their voice heard that year and just a few votes difference in any of the Florida Counties could have easily changed the final results. Do not be a political pansy and go vote whenever the opportunity arises.

Better Your Community

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In Countries such as Belgium and Argentina people are forced to vote. In the United States you definitely are not forced to vote, but if you want your voice hear then it is vital you get out and vote.  If you want to better your community then you can start helping by simply voting. Your vote will help your community, even if the final election results are not in your favor. By simply voting in each election you will get more active in politics.

Studies have been done that show that voters are not always knowledgeable enough to make an informed decision on who to vote for, and often time’s people will be influenced to vote for a candidate because of the way he or she looks. By simply voting each time you will help yourself to gain a better understanding of the American Political system and in the process be able to help your community.

Should property taxes be raised to help fund a new school? Only you know the proper answer for your personal situation and when that vote comes up in your local community it is imperative that you show up and vote is that you can help better your community.

Control Your Tax Money

Some people love the fact that they can pay a little bit extra on their property taxes and it will go to help fund a new school. Other individuals may not have children and not see a personal benefit to them if taxes were raised to help fund new school projects. Regardless of which way you lean it is imperative that you vote if you want to help control your tax money.

Your side might lose, but you can then at least have a moral right to complain about the results because you voted. If you abstained from voting then you have no right to complain about the results of an election. If you want to help control the money you pay for taxes then you need to vote on all bonds and look at all the candidates who are running for office. In order to control your tax money you must first become an active voter. If you do not vote then you do not have a say. Whining at the coffee shop about the new tax increase on landowners is not going to help you out as much as simply going to the polls and voting.