Smoking kills thousands of people each year. Here are some of the top reasons to stop smoking.

Sad and Painful Death

If you have ever seen in the late stages if lung cancer or some other pulmonary disease such as this who is dying then you know how painful it can be. You will be confined to a chair, not able to lie down fully, and have asthma attacks when you sneeze or fart. It is vital you do not smoke if you want to keep this from occurring. Sure lung cancer can happen to non-smokers, but you chance of being afflicted with this terrible disease is greatly reduced if you do not smoke.

Oxygen Tanks

You are young and think that you will be living forever but in reality you will die. If you keep smoking you will be wearing oxygen ranks everywhere you go. Yeah I know, this is where you mention someone you know who is 80 years old, very healthy, and has smoked since they were 13 years old. You think that you will become that person but in reality you will not and by the time you realize that it will be too late.

You do not want to be that told person toting around  an oxygen tank while you continue to smoke and play video keno in Las Vegas. Oxygen tanks suck and you do not want to have to rely on one in order to survive. Stay smoke free and you greatly increase you chance of not having to use and carry oxygen tanks around with you when you get older.

Smoking stinks

Lung Cancer(121155)Credit: smoking simply because it stinks. You think as long as you smoke outside that nobody n smell it on you but they can. When you come back inside people think you smell disgusting. Even your farts smell worse than a regular fart. Have you ever smelled a fart from a heavy smoker with that deep and intense aroma? Yeah,it stinks bad. In addition to contamination and posing your body the simple stinky smell of smoking should be enough to get you to want to quit smoking.

Yellowed Teeth

If you go to the dentist to get your teeth whitened and then leave and smoke a cigarette you are stupid. Smoking destroys enamel in your teeth and makes them yellowish and ugly. Avoid smoking cigarettes and your visits to the dentist’s office will be much more productive.

More Time with Your Kids

Not only can you spend more time with your kids when you are alive because you will not always be running outside to smoke, you also will be able to live longer and thus be able to spend more time with your children. Your children should always come first and you need to quit smoking. Right now as a smoker you may reason with people as to why it is OK to smoke but when you are on your death bed dying of lung cancer with your pregnant daughter crying at the hospital you will regret smoking. At this point I promise you will wish you had never smoked so you could see your grandchild born and spend some time with him or her. Unfortunately you won’t be able to because you chose to smoke. If you smoke cigarettes then you are truly an idiot. It is not too late to stop smoking. Stop smoking now and get more time to spend with peoplein your life. Smoking also kills family time so quit smoking now if you truly love your family.

 Secondhand and third hand Smoke can endanger your Children

We have known about the dangers of secondhand smoke for many years now. If you smoke in the presence of you children then it can and will harm them. Many asthmatic diseases are caused by secondhand smoke that children were forced to be around. Your children are also much more likely to smoke when they get older if one or both of their parents were smokers. Quit smoking and protect your children. There are enough dangerous things in the World for you to worry about without subjecting your children to something unnecessary such as secondhand smoke from your nicotine habit.

Third Hand smoke is a danger that we are learning more about. Second hand smoke can be the smoke inside that sinks into the walls and clothing and every other surface. Years later it can still emit dangerous toxins to un-expecting people.

More money for other things you want

The cost of cigarettes continues to climb. In some areas it can cost over a $100 for a carton of cigarettes. $45.00 for a carton is average for many areas. Even at $45.00 per carton of cigarettes you are spending way too much money on it. If you figure it out at $5.00 per pack and smoke 2 packs a day then you are spending about $1,800 per year on smoking. Imagine if you were to save $1,800 for a few years what you could buy with it!

More Athletic

By being a non-smoker you will be more apt to be healthier, get over the flu and common colds faster, and have more energy. You will be more able to climb stairs without getting out of breathe. By not getting winded as quick you will be able to do more physical activities and this will help you to get in better shape overall.

Master Your Life

By quitting smoking you will show that you are the leader of your own life No longer do you need to be beholden to a nasty substance that physically and mentally addicts you like cigarette tobacco. You are in control of your life when you dominate cigarettes by squashing them from your life permanently. The new found self-confidence you can achieve when you overcome something as addictive as cigarette smoking can help you to go on and achieve many other activities in your life you may have previously though was impossible to accomplish for yourself.

Family Time