If you are an adult and wanting to try a new sport then take a look at skate boarding. A lot of you adults may immediately assume that skateboarding is dangerous, for kids, and not something you would be interested in. You should at least give skating a try and the odds are if you give this sport a fair shake then you will be rolling on your own board in no time once you see how much fun skating is. Here are some of the top reasons to skateboard.


SkateboardCredit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/dancingpapa2007/3674686610/

The number one reason to skate is because it is fun. People of all ages are earning to skate for the first time. The popularity of skating has never been higher. Whether you choose to urban skate, learn tricks at the skate park, or to cruise town on a long board you will find that skating on a wood board is truly a lot of fun.


Skateboarding is healthy and will help you to get some much needed exercise and lose weight. Any activity that gets your kids off the couch will also have the potential to help you as the parent to get off the couch. Put down the remote and grab a skateboard.


Skate ArtCredit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mdalmuld/7855504674/

Skate boarding is mainstream in today’s world. No longer is skateboarding limited to a fringe element of society. In today’s world you can find kids leaving church with their skateboard in hand. In today’s world you can listen to Country music and be a skater. Most skaters tend not to listen to Country, but that option is always available to you. The point being is that anybody can skate and fit in with society because skate boarding is almost like cycling in that many people do it from all ages and backgrounds.

It’s Cool

If you are worried about your children skate boarding then maybe you as the parent should start up skating. By you skating it may make it so your child does not want to skate anymore. That is possible, but more than likely you will finally have something to talk with your son or daughter about over dinner table. Embarrassment from the child may occur but then again if your dad is the only adult in town who can perform a triple flip kick 360 of the half-pipe then that is pretty cool too.


Skate TrickCredit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/skateimpulse/2423981729/

Skateboarding teaches you persistence and helps to give you the life skills of never giving up. When you attempt to learn a trick with a skateboard you may perform the trick countless times until you land it properly for the first time. You then get excited that you finally did it and you keep practicing the trick or maneuver until you maser it and can do it over and over repeatedly. You then move on to a more complicated trick and repeat the process. Skaters are not people who give up easily.

It may take you thousands of attempts before you finally get down the grinding on the quarter-box descent; however you will be learning and improving your skating skills the entire time you are working on the new stunt.


Skateboarding will introduce you to a whole bunch of new people. Even though you may be very different from some of these younger skaters, you still have a mutual interest in skate boarding and that will help you to meet new people of all ages and ethnic backgrounds. Skating helps to form a bond among strangers.


Yes you can make a lot of money as a professional skater, but more than likely as an older person out of his or her teens your skating level probably will not develop to the level you need it at to become a professional skater. You can still make lot of money by doing videos. Always keep a camera on you when you are skating and wear a helmet cam as well. You can then edit these videos and lace them on YouTube.

YouTube allows you to monetize your videos. If you monetize your videos and then have a great video of you crashing hard on your skateboard then you could get millions of views on that video and earn some nice cash. People love to watch people crash on skateboards and now you can get paid to do it by monetizing videos that you upload to YouTube

See new things

When you are skating around town you will see many cool things that you never would have noticed if you had been traveling by car instead.  A skateboard allows you to get personal with your town and become very intimate with areas that are just not friendly to cars.


Yes you as an adult have a better chance of having insurance then many younger people do. As someone with insurance you can take full advantage of it by maxing out your premiums. Yes, you will get some scrapes, bumps, bruises, and even the occasional broken bone from skating. This is all part of the game when you are working hard to advance you skating level. If you are ready to attack ramps like the guys do at the ESPN Summer X Games then you need to step your level up. You probably will not ever be skating at that level but it is always fun to try and work on new tricks so that you can eventually keep getting closer to the skill levels of a professional skater.

Skateboarding will open up a whole new world to you regardless of your age, Yeah you probably will not ever become a professional skater but you can have a lot of fun with it, meet new people, and even make money with YouTube videos. Skating is a pretty cool lifestyle and so go buy a cheap skateboard and start kicking around your neighborhood. You may initially get some strange looks from your neighbors but once they see how much fun you are having they might even come join you.