What is a Purity Ring?

Purity rings are amongst the most popular types of Christian Jewelry. These rings are typically worn by social conservatives who have decided to make the pledge to save sex for marriage. Also, the pledge to remain abstinent is not only reserved for social conservatives. A purity ring is simply a form of a promise ring. Oftentimes, liberal individuals will take the pledge as well. It is important to keep in mind that a purity ring isn't the only piece of Christian jewelry which can symbolize a vow of abstinence. There are many forms of Christian jewelry, including necklaces and bracelets, which can be worn in place of the ring.

Why Wear Purity Rings?

There are many reasons why people choose to wear purity rings and Christian jewelry. While some individuals choose to take a vow of abstinence until marriage for personal reasons, others do it for religious ones. The following are the top 3 reasons that an individual would decide to wear a purity ring.

Religious Beliefs

Many youngsters who attend religious based schools are taught abstinence rather than sex education. Many of these schools teach their children that sex should wait until marriage. Oftentimes, and integral part of this abstinence program involves to the dispersal of purity rings or another type of Christian jewelry amongst students. The majority of individuals who accept purity rings do so for religious reasons. However, other factors can play a part as well.

Personal Beliefs

When children grow up in families that strictly support abstinence until marriage, they are likely to develop moral beliefs which fall in synch that those of the people around them. Therefore, many youngsters will accept a purity ring or other type of Christian jewelry because they simply believe there isn't another viable option. These individuals are usually the ones who are most likely to stick to their pledge.

Fear of Pregnancy and STDs

Some youngsters will take the pledge without it having any religious ties whatsoever. In today's society, teenagers have little excuse to not be aware of the risks that come along with pre-marital sex. Such risks include teenage pregnancy as well as a plethora of STDs including HIV, HPV, etc. Therefore, many teens will take the purity ring pledge strictly as a means of avoiding sexual contact until marriage. By rejecting sex before marriage, teenagers will have freedom from the stressed that come about when worrying about one's sexual health. After all, one quick mistake can last for a lifetime.