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An eye for an eye might make the world blind,but an eye for an eye makes for great films!

Revenge being one of our most primal instincts,its human nature to return the favour when we have been wronged.

This is a list of the best movies of this genre.


Leonard(Guy pierce),an ex-insurance investigator  suffers from short-term memory loss.This makes for a compelling film,where he uses notes and photos from his Polaroid to hunt down the man who he thinks killed his wife. 

Its unique storytelling method had black and white sequences  interspersed with coloured ones.The black and white sequences were in correct chronological order,while coloured sequences were in the reverse order.

As the story unfolds,what starts as a quest for revenge for Leonard turns into something else altogether.

There are actually many possible ending to this movie.Which ever ending you choose to accept though,this movie remains a masterpiece.

4)Count of Monte Cristo(2002)

Dantes (Jim Caviezel), the protagonist, is falsely framed for treason by his friend Fernard.He escapes with the help of another prisoner and finds a hidden treasure to become the wealthy Count of Monte Cristo to  exact his revenge.

The movie adaptation was different from the novel (By Alexandre Dumas) in many ways.Many characters were completely erased,which meant many things were different in the movie including the ending. If you are able to forgive the movie for that,it is an enjoyable ride.

3)Man On Fire(2004)

John Creasy(Denzel Washington) is a burned out ex CIA operative,who takes up a job providing security to a kid in Mexico.She brings back joy into his life and he forms a special attachment with the little girl.

When the girl gets kidnapped and apparently killed,he begins hunting for anyone involved in the kidnapping.

The film is extremely slow in the first half hour,but it picks up pace quickly after that.The reason for the slow pace early on is that it invests a lot of time in character development,which  ultimately makes the film better in the long run.

A very young Dakota Fanning is incredible in her role.


Brian Milles(Liam Neesan) is an ex CIA operative,who quit his job so that he could be close to his daughter.When she asks his permission to go to Paris,he declines at first but reluctantly agrees.

When his daughter and her friend get kidnapped ,Brian has to act fast or risk loosing her forever to a gang of Albanian traffickers.

Taken is a straight up action film.It doesn't have much of a story ,not to mention many plot holes throughout.Amazing action scenes and memorable dialogues make the movie work on many levels though.

As Brian continues piling up bodies in a foreign country,one should enjoy the movie without stressing much on finer details.Thinking much will ruin the fun.


Porter's partner betrays him and his junkie wife shoots him.Porter survives,and he plots to get revenge.He finds that the money  taken from him has made its way to "The Outfit" which is a gangster organisation.

Porter is hell-bent on getting his money back,a rather inconsequential  sum of money in comparison.He is ready to work his way around drug dealers ,corrupt cops and gangsters.

His only ally is a prostitute who works for the Outfit.

Payback is a remake of Point Blank.Comparisons to the film are inevitable,but Payback holds its own.Mel Gibson is one of the very few actors who could have pulled off the role of Porter,and as the movie's tagline mentions,he makes you root for the bad guy!

Payback keeps things simple and it is easily one the best revenge movies ever made.