With the recent elimination of eHow's WCP (Writer's Compensation Program), it's no surprise that passionate writers would be looking for viable alternatives to eHow for the hosting of the written substance of their passion. For the longest time, eHow remained a top-ranked leading user submitted article, and revenue sharing, content aggregation site that many, from college students to work-at-home moms, turned to for the opportunity to earn a passive income. While it is still an influential and Top-ranked website, a palpable trend of user frustration emerged as a result of their WCP elimination, and, these same users have been clearly seeking refuge elsewhere.
*Disclaimer: As I write this article on Info Barrel, I do currently have a majority of my online content hosted here. Based on months of research and similar platform usage, I have developed a strong bias in favor of Info Barrel, and that is reflected in this article. I have written many articles that detail specific breakdowns of Info Barrel's website platform, it's functionality, offerings, management style, and general overall 'culture' and 'community' that it is fostering. My support of Info Barrel is not unfounded, but, instead, was founded after thorough analysis and consideration of various platform's TOS and FAQs in relation to Info Barrel's TOS and FAQs.
Also, there are several subtle variations in the way that any particular website shares revenue. Some sites may offer a flat-fee payment in exchange for complete lifetime rights to a writer's content. Other sites, like Info Barrel however, offer a lifetime residual revenue share on all hosted content.
3) Squidoo
2) HubPages
Founded in 2008, the Info Barrel website platform was the product of Ryan McKenzie and Kevin Hinton's desire to offer something truly valuable to the internet. Beyond much of the garbage that can be found online nowadays, in the time that I have written upwards of 240+ articles for Info Barrel, its management has proven to be 'in touch' with the general needs and desires of a fast growing community. Many features and additions to their website platform, at the time of this writing, have been the result of being continually responsive to writer and user feedback.
Current growth trends do indicate that Info Barrel will be amongst one of the top ranked websites in the world, shortly. For those who are interesting in earning a transparent passive income from their efforts, Info Barrel has presented a tremendous opportunity that is already beginning to elicit case studies (in earnings) that are similar to some of the most elite websites in the revenue share industry. Check out Info Barrel now! You won't regret it.
These articles weren't particular "popular" at the time of my writing them. Contrary to what eHow's Community Managers had assured even the most influential eHow writers, their writer's compensation program was eliminated, giving way to a more 'profitable' alternative by bringing eHow writers under the Demand Media fold. Some were brought into the flat-fee model willingly, while others simply chose to not have anything to do with them.