Know your Competition and become a super salesman

Top Salesmen must know the Competition

The Importance of having a full understanding of your competitors cannot be overlooked or ignored,

Knowledge of your competitors is not just about products you must have a good working knowledge of


A knowledge of your competitors products is vital, their strengths and weakness will determine how you construct your sales presentation, knowing their weakness will give you the opportunity to show how your product will be of great benefit to your client, their strengths will be also important as you will need to present your product as an equal and then
show how you can improve and be of greater benefit.

Most of your clients will be greatly impressed with your knowledge of their needs and how you can help them.

You must firmly set yourself out to be the expert in your field not just a salesman.

When your client has a problem you must firmly establish yourself as the person that they contact.

Initially you may have to use bite size pieces to establish an account, look for the products that will get you in the door the slowly introduce more and more products,

Buyers will resist changing a well established supplier on a large establish product, initially introduce small products that seem insignificant, then once established bring more products into your presentation.


Many good relationships have begun with small orders which grow into more lucrative relationships later.


Once established you will certainly be on the scene when their supplier lets them down.




Having a good knowledge of the location of your competitors is vital most companies are very strong close to their base and on occasions they may take advantage of this situation and not work has hard and conscientiously as they do when trying to break into new areas,


It is not uncommon that salesmen assume that these accounts will be safe and take their eye off the ball occasionally.


These areas close to their base are often good hunting grounds as most salesmen will wrongly assume that these clients will not change suppliers.


At least once a week spend additional time with one client at a time and begin to build up a relationship, never assume that there are no sales at these locations.


More important make an effort to visit every potential outlet within in a 5 mile radius of your competitor’s   base and slowly expand the radius once you have covered all prospective clients.




To compete against your competitor you must have full knowledge of their strengths and weaknesses, you must on no account talk badly of them but you must have knowledge of their history, on occasions a company can be bought out and still trade under the same name even though their products may have changed.

Small well established companies can be taken into a large group and their clients may not be aware of this.

A full understanding will give you ample ammunition when putting together a presentation.


Larger companies often take over small well established companies and slowly change their methods, knowing this will give you an advantage.


On no account should you talk badly of any competitor as this will seem very unprofessional and will completely backfire and be counterproductive.


To sum up you should have all the knowledge you can gather about all your competitors, to be a successful professional salesman take hard work