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You may be thinking of getting a botox treatment and wonder what the most popular areas of the body that most people want to correct or change with a cosmetic procedure. This article will provide the botox information on the top seven botox treatments to help you know what others are getting done and what you may want to investigate yourself. We've also added a best botox alternative at the end for your consideration - check it out!


Most Popular Problem Areas that Botox is Used for:

Crow's Feet – Crow's Feet are these are those little, or not so little, lines and wrinkles that form along the sides of the eyes and can be as few as one or two to many lines that start at the edge of the outside of the eye and extending toward the hairline. They can be very thin and not so noticeable lines or deep lines that look even larger or deeper during facial expressions and speaking. Many men and women get these types of wrinkles in the skin from smiling or frowning and laughing often. Crow's feet are also an occurance from lack of eye protection from the sun or from a lack of proper skin skin and attention to this delicate area of the face as well as the normal aging process.

Forehead Wrinkles – another popular area for botox treatments is the forehead which typically gets deep lines and wrinkles from facial expressions, frowning, squinting and on people that talk with their eyes a lot. Forehead wrinkles also occur from sun exposure, lack of moisturizing and improper sun protection of the face. They can be small, thin lines that are just between the eyes or move all the way to the top of the forehead near the hairline. People that choose not to or are unable to hide their forehead with hair often obtain botox treatments as an alternative.

Lips – fuller lips are considered sexy, luscious, kissable and desirable and many women look to botox treatments to obtain a plump and larger lip getting inspiration from many celebrities, such as Angelina Jolie, Jessica Alba, Eva Longoria, Scarlett Johansson, Jessica Simpson, Beyonce and so many others that have naturally plump lips. Many celebrities have a larger and fuller lip that is appealing to many that want to emulate the look of luscious lips through botox when mother nature hasn't provided them. Fuller plump lips are enhanced even further with colorful, plumping lipsticks and lipglosses as well as they are one of the first areas we see on someone and they see on us when we speak.

Brow Lift – a brow lift is popular as a botox treatment with women wanting to enhance their eyes and to get a brighter and more open eye, for women with small eyes or those with droopy eye lids. Lifting the brow through botox is done by relaxing the muscles around the eye to reduce lines and wrinkles as well.

Under Eye Bags and Puffy Eyes – puffy eyes or under eye bags are a problem for both men and women and can make the entire face look older than it is. The skin all around the eyes is the thinnest and most delicate skin on the body and can easily become wrinkled, puffy and loose from the sun, nutrition, lack of sleep, improper skin care, heredity, medications and the aging process making botox treatment a popular option for people in this category.

Drooping Eye Lids – sagging or drooping eye lids can be caused by lack of sun protection to the eyes as well as from medications and an improper diet and the aging process and are one of the top botox treatments that people seek for tighter and firmer eyes.

Upper Lip – the upper lip often gets vertical lines due to aging, lack of sun protection, smoking, improper skin care or lack of nutrition. The mouth is one of the first areas that we see on others and they see on us when we speak so this is a popular botox treatment area of concern for men and women.


There are other areas of the face or body that botox treatments are and can be used on besides these top seven. Many of these treatments can cost up to $700 per session and several sessions usually take place with each treatment lasting for 3-4 months. Physicians may also suggest their specific products for maintenance use after botox for ongoing results in between botox sessions. Speak with a specialized botox dr to gather all your botox information needed to make an informed decision on the best action for you. Be sure to make a list of all your questions and get the details on the procedure, all possible side effects and complications of botox treatments as well as any aftercare before making your decision that could change you for the rest of your life.

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