Shopping list apps are a specialized list app that has features specific to grocery shopping.  You can use a regular general purpose to-do list app with no problem, but maybe one of the new programs will may things easier.

My Shopping List

by Kamax Android

This shopping list app lets you add items to the list, and you can also make several lists if you have different stores to go to.  On my phone I had a little problem when adding a list name to the item. When you have a list of items, the app will total it for you to let you know how much the list costs.  You can cross items off the list by a long hold on the item.  You can also delete them off the list.  Using a combination of the two, you will be able to get a total for you groceries. 

When making a new list, the information you previously entered in is available to select from.  You need to add them one at a time, and add a quantity to the item.

OI Shopping List

by Open Intents

The OI Shopping List looks like a regular to-do list at first.  You add the items and they show up in a list.  You then select the item, and you can fill in quantity, units and Top Shopping List Apps(69849)price.  You can fill in the price with a rough estimate the first time, and then correct it at the store so you have the right prices in the app.  The app will give you a total for the items you put on your list so you have an estimate of how much you will be spending.  When you buy the item, you can check it, and it will running total for the items you have bought already. 

Once you are done shopping, and if you were not able to buy everything on the list, use the settings to “Clean Up List”, and the checked items will disappear.  The next time you are going shopping, just use settings to “Pick Items” and items that you have entered in the app before will be there for you to select.  They are in list form for you can just select everything at once.

You can also add download theme sets for this app, so you can set the background to something besides the plain black background.

Out Of Milk

by Capigami

When adding items to this shopping list app, it has a built-in list of items that will come up as you type in the letters, to help with inputting.  You also have the option of making multiple lists.  You can scan items, but I could not get that to work.  It may be my phone, I have never used a scanner before and it is a lower resolution camera.  When inputting items later trips, you do an “Add From History” option and can select from a list of all the things you have previously inputted.  You can also make Pantry list of items that you keep in stock, so that is always with you when shopping.

The website says if you upgrade to Pro with this, you can have it on multiple phone and sync across the phones and make lists on their website.  I would imagine you will need to buy it on all phones you are syncing on.


The first app above has over 2,000 ratings and the other two over 10,000 ratings.  All three shopping list apps would be easy to use.  I am going to keep the second and third on my phone and use them to decide which I like best.  “My Shopping List” gave me the screen problem, and adding items once they were inTop Shopping List Apps the app was easier with the other two. 

Of “OI Shopping List” and “Out of Milk”, I am probably partial at the moment to “OI Shopping List” because I like the way it totals items, but we will see which one wins in the end.

I was using Evernote for my shopping lists before, but one of these may be easier to use for groceries.  Specialized shopping list apps have the additional features you need to add to a list program to make shopping easier.

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