Make Dmitri Mendeleev proud and release the inner geek at the same time. Get a periodic table of the elements shower curtain or tee shirt as seen on The Big Bang Theory. Decorate the complete bathroom with periodic table bathroom accessories.

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There are many items marketed which has the periodic table imprinted on their surface. The periodic table table was the prize given at the Improbable Research Ig Nobel awards at Harvard University in 2011. Nobel laureates can have fun too and some may have periodic table shower curtains and tee shirts.

Periodic Table of The Elements

Dmitri Mendeleev formulated the periodic table and published On the Relationship of the Properties of the Elements to Their Atomic Weights in 1869 to classify elements in an orderly and useful fashion for chemists. The chart Mendeleev developed showed elements grouping and classes in a logical manner. These posters have been on science classrooms for years. Since the book was published, his chart has been put onto shower curtains, clothing, place mats, posters, playing cards, tote bags, hoodies and other items. The periodic table can be purchased on about any conceivable object.

Periodic Table Shower Curtain

The periodic table shower curtain is sold in standard sizes and vinyl thicknesses with hooks to attach it to the shower stall.

There are many reasons why someone would want a shower curtain with the elements. It is good for students. It provides a reference tool that also has the practical use of a standard shower curtain. Put it in the guest bathroom, and guests will be impressed or intimidated by the owner’s intelligence. It reflects a person’s interests and what they feel to be important.

Periodic Table Tee Shirts

Periodic table tee shirts are useful for the student in science class. It may impress the instructor, and make him think the student cares. These make good gifts for those interested in science. The quality is comparable to other clothing and apparel.

Periodic Table T-shirt, Medium
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Variations on the periodic table can be found. The elements barium, cobalt and nitrogen use their abbreviations, Ba, Co and N, can be arranged to spell bacon. Periodic tables for wine, beer and Ah! the element of surprise, are also available.

These fun concepts have found their way to such diverse products as passport holders, magnets and playing cards. While these objects may seem frivolous, such ideas are about fun and making a statement. These uses don’t invalidate the periodic table as a teaching and learning tool which is helpful to students and teachers while providing a bit of fun.