Event based sites

These sites are geared towards events

When you are hosting an event like an open house or festival you want to get the word out to as many people as possible.  There are many websites that will list it for you.  The sites that send out weekly emails about local happenings to their users are the ones you will want to target first.  These sites will get you in front of many local people that may not otherwise have heard of your event.

  • EventCrazy - This site will allow users to create their own itinery of events.  Hopefully your's will be one of the ones they include.  EventCrazy does send out a listing of local events to subscribers.
  • Eventful - With lots of categories to put the event in you will definitely want to list your site on Eventful.  With proper configuring Eventful will even link the users to a ticket selling website if you requires tickets, like a concert.  Another intriqueing feature of Eventful is their 'Demand It' page which allows users to request a given artist/event come to a desired venue.  17 people have demanded that Yanni come to a town near me, doubt he will be showing up anytime soon.  The iPad app can also get your listing right to peoples cell phones.
  • Eventbrite - Offers an RSS feed that people can subscribe to their local events.  Eventbrite also offers a wide range of search options, including the cost to attend.
  • ZVents - is very much like the others.

There are a lot of other sites available to list an event.  These sites listed are some of the ones that I have used and consistently see other people using.  No matter what site you use it will be more valueable if there are other events in your area.  This means the site generates more traffic, at least in your area.

Man using a calendar to plan an event.
Credit: Mykola Velychko @ PhotoXpress

Other types of sites to list your event

There are other places than just event based websites that are worth adding to.

  • Facebook - just the shear volumne of traffic on Facebook makes it worth while to post your happenings.  It will also allow for a direct link to existing Facebook friends. 
  • Google+ - get the word about your activities out to all your circles.
  • LinkedIn - another social site, but geared more torwards a professional use than Facebook or Google+.  Here again you will benefit from your existing list of connections.
  • Craigslist.org - This wont take advantage of an existing relationship with people or send out an email about your event, but is another avenue to reach local people.

Generating some social buzz can also help attendence.  Getting your immediate friends on Facebook or Google+ to share your activities with their friends helps expand your reach, to say nothing of acting as a referal system.

Open calendar
Credit: anna karwowska @ PhotoXpress

List the event on niche sites or local sites

Find sites focused in your niche and see if any of them offer a calendar of events.  This is a good way to more directly market to people that may be interested in your specific event.

Many local television and radio stations have event calendars that a listing can be added to for little or no cost.  Don't forget to check local newspaper sites as well.

Before creating the listings on these sites be sure to create a page on your own site to backlink to.  This can really benefit some site with valueable back links to help with SEO.