Top 6 Safest Cars on the Road


In a recent poll by Forbes magazine 65 percent of Americans listed as the most important thing to them when buying a new car.  While companies like Mercedes, BMW, and Infiniti are constantly inventing new electronic ways to keep the driver safe and alert while driving, these features are far less important to safety than crash test performance.  No matter how great a driver or an electronic sensor is at preventing accidents, they happen, and in those terrible scenarios drivers want to ensure the safety of themselves and their family.  So here are the top 6 safest cars on the road today.  All of which are Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) Top Safety Picks for 2012.


Scion xB


The Scion xB has come a long way since its 2004 debut as, “that ugly box thing.”   The new models are longer and look more like Mini-Range Rovers from the future than a box on wheels.  Owners have always loved the spacious interiors and huge range of customization options, and now that the xB has side airbags it is a Top Safety Pick. 


Toyota Camry


Camrys are safe, dependable, comfortable, handle well, and, when they finally do break down decades later, consumers re-buy Camrys more frequently than any other car.  The only downside to a Camry is its lack of “wow” factor, but that is part of what keeps driving customers back.  Consumers know exactly what they are getting every time, and, with the low cost of upkeep, a Toyota Camry might be the most fiscally responsible purchase available in this economy.


Honda Accord


Camry’s longtime rival seems to do everything the Camry does, but with tighter handling, a little more zip, and a little more fun.  This would explain its record number of appearances on Car and Driver’s 10 Best list.  The two-door coupe offers is a more stylish offering, however the coupe did not perform as well in crash tests and failed to be named a Top Safety Pick.


Chrysler 300


Chrysler has struggled for years to be as relevant as its American siblings Chevy and Ford, and if any car is going to end that struggle it is the newly revamped Chrysler 300.  The 300 offers sleek modern styling combined with excellent handling and a body more reminiscent of a Bentley than an American car.  Top that off with a Top Safety Pick, and Chrysler seems to have truly outdone itself.


Volkswagon Jetta

The Jetta has long been popular for its combination of upscale design and excellent handling and power.  A variety of engine options are available, all of which are turbocharged but also get great fuel economy.  The TDI model features 140 horsepower and 40 mpg.  2012 Jettas are roomier than their predecessors and yet again a Top Safety Pick.


Dodge Charger


Once a muscle car icon, the Dodge Charger now provides sporty power the whole family can love.  Since its dramatic restyling in 2010 the Dodge Charger has made strides every year to improve every aspect of its driving experience, including safety.  Both the 2011 and 2012 are Top Safety Picks which should make drivers feel even more in control when they take control of the 292 horsepower engine.