One of the greatest advantages of today's multi-function smart phones is the ability to have practically anything you want close at hand. So rather than having to carry around notebooks and other memory boosting paraphernalia, you can achieve the same results using your smart phone. Let's take a look at the three most highly used types of smart phones, the iPhone, Android and BlackBerry, and check out memory-enhancement apps for each.


Most of the applications for your iPhone that concentrate on memory-building are the memory match games such as the type performed with actual cards. In particular, iCue Memory Cards is a great example.

iCue Memory Cards is actually the only memory training application formally recommended by the USA Memory Championship. The application is the exact same version as the real cards based in the original game.

iCue functions to improve your memory by focusing your attentiveness and using a few of the leading memory development strategies on the market today. How would you like to be able to memorize an entire deck of cards as they are being dealt out? Once you are done with this app, you'll be card counting in Vegas.


Blink is a great memory game for any Android fan. Starting off using a sequence of colored blocks, you're instructed to recount the routine. Just like a lot of video games, as the levels raise, so does the difficulty. With colored blocks randomly positioned all around the screen, you must tap each of them in series. After so many stages the blocks start to play tricks on you making it even more difficult. While the eye strain can become irritating, it is still a fun and tough game to try.


Reminiscent of Simon, the game of lights and sounds, Follow the Light is a thrilling childhood memorization game. As the game plays a sound and light, you are tasked with recalling the sequence. The premise of the game would be to repeat the routine the game generates until you complete the particular level or get it wrong. As you move forward, the colors will change quicker and the tone routine will speed up. If you are in the mood for a walk down memory lane, grab this app from the App World.

For all three smart phone systems, there are plenty of other learning games, especially those designed for children. The most effective way to discover the application you want is to visit the appropriate app store and do a search on "memory" or "memory games." Then simply download and begin using them!