Best Social Media Management Tools

It can be extremely difficult to juggle between each social media account that you hold. The process can not only be scary and tricky but also extremely time consuming. This is especially because of the numerous social networking sites that require our daily attention. When updating your Facebook status, you might forget to favorite a specific tweet. Now speaking of Twitter, when exactly is the most appropriate time to tweet your followers? Obviously thinking about all this is enough to give you a headache. The good news is that we have developers across the world that are working day and night to ease the problem. Presently, there are several tools for managing social media accounts. Since choosing the right tool for your needs may be confusing, here are some of the best social media management tools.

1. Tweet Deck

For starters, this is a free and easy to use application for managing twitter accounts.  It helps in overseeing all aspects of your numerous Twitter accounts in a single interface.  It provides users the liberty to customize their display by hiding or showing several columns. Since it is specially designed for managing Twitter accounts, TweetDeck may not be the best tool for people wishing to manage different social media networks simultaneously in one place.  Whatever the case, TweetDeck provides a high level of control over your Twitter profiles without having to navigating across your various profiles.

2. Hoot Suite

This one is better than Tweet Deck, especially because it makes it possible for users to manage multiple social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Google+ and LinkedIn among many others. What is more, you and the rest of the team members can delegate between responses to your fans and followers, thus, eliminating the hassle of coordinating responses and possibly overlooking valuable fans. Although it remains one of the most commonly used tool of managing social media accounts, it unfortunately lacks a very basic component; the ability to have images appear as image previews in the Twitter feeds instead of collapsed links. It is free to a certain extent; up to five social profiles and 2 RSS. For up to 100 social profiles, 9 team members and advanced message scheduling, it will cost you $8.99 per month.

3. Social flow

This is especially more useful for people who run online businesses or online marketing campaigns. When running such activities, sharing content on social media is extremely important. Social flow comes in handy in such cases because it puts into account three important factors namely, relevant message, the right audience as well as the right time. Simply put, social flow helps in determining the message that is most likely to connect, detecting who is online and establishing the perfect moment to publish content. This is yet another tool that will cost you some money. Nevertheless, there are flexible plans that start from around $99 per month. Whatever the case, it is worth every cent.

Other social media management tools include Everypost, Spreadfast and so on. Spreadfast, for instance, is relevant for people wishing to measure the amount of data gathered from the various social media accounts. Whatever you do, the importance of social media management tools cannot possibly be overemphasized. The secret is in choosing the tool that meets your needs.