Giving Love Just One More Try

There is nothing easy about being in a relationship and loving someone. In the beginning, a lot of how you feel is based on hormones and the newness of it all. As time goes by, the fiery passion begins to subside and what remains is, hopefully, a strong and steady love and respect that grows deeper over time.

But relationships can go south.

Maybe your significant other got scared because s/he is phobic about commitment. Perhaps the constant fighting over money (and the lack thereof) is causing strife that cannot be reconciled. A wondering eye or an indiscretion caused you to end your relationship because the bond of trust has been broken.

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Sometimes a romance ends for all the wrong reasons. You love each other, but due to youth or inexperience with relationships, you both just aren’t ready and mature for this kind of commitment. You argue a lot because you do not know how to fight fairly. It is never about who wins…it is about coming to terms at a place where you both can agree (even if you agree to disagree).

When you were younger, maybe your parents forced you to break up. Since you lived at home and depended on them financially, you listened to them.

Or maybe the person you loved was involved in self-destructive behaviors that forced you to walk away for your own safety and sanity. It was not an easy choice, but a necessary one.

Time passes.  People change. Maybe you still have feelings for this person who got away. Should you give love a second chance?

Maybe.  That is all up to you.

This feeling of giving a person a second chance is one that has been written about in many popular songs over the years. Here is my list for the top songs about giving someone a second chance.


Peaches and Herb 1979

Reunited and it feels so good

Reunited 'cause we understood

There's one perfect fit
And, sugar, this one is it

There have been several Peaches and only one Herb that formed this duo, which was created back in 1967. In 1979, Reunited became a platinum selling #1 hit for Herb Feemster and Linda Greene, his Peaches at that time.


A song about two lovers who realized the error of their ways, it was not written by a person pining for a lost love. It was written by two professional studio songwriters, Freddie Perren and Dino Fekaris, trying to create their next hit. When they played it for Peaches and she broke out into tears, they knew they had a winner.

A Great Slow Dance Song

Just Give Me a Reason

Pink and Nate Ruess 2012

One of the biggest problems in any relationship is communication-and the lack thereof. Couples make assumptions and behave accordingly. Maybe love isn't going bad, perhaps your partner is under so much stress at work and does not want to burden you so s/he becomes distant. The other person feels like they are not being loved anymore and that things are going sour.

Oy! Just talk!

In this duet by Pink and Nate Ruess, a couple is not seeing eye to eye on what is going on inter relationship. But they want to give it another chance because they aren’t broken…yet.

Just Give Me a Reason
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If Only You Can Sing Away Your Differences

I Need You Now

Lady Antebellum 2009

And I wonder if I ever cross your mind.

For me it happens all the time.

It's a quarter after one, I'm all alone and I need you now.

Said I wouldn't call but I lost all control and I need you now.

Yes, all common sense and inhibitions get thrown out the window when you have had too much to drink. Alcohol removes those inhibitions that keep us from doing stupid things that can get us in trouble.


In this song, we do not know why the couple has broken up, the the singer has been looking at pictures and is missing her lost lover. She wants to reach out to him and give it another chance.  Would she feel this way sober?

The Heart Knows What it Wants

(I Need You Now) More Than Words Can Say

Alias 1990

It's still hard, at six o'clock in the morning

To sleep without you

And I know that it might

Seem too late for love

All I know

I need you now


Is it ever too late for love? I guess it depends on the reason you broke up in the first place. The singer is lying awake and has his love on his mind. Unable to sleep, he knows that he needs his lover but is unsure if it is too late.

In the real world, I know of couples that were forced to break up due to the influence of the young woman’s parents. One had a happy ending when years later, the couple reunited and got married (and subsequently stopped speaking to the woman's parents). For another couple forced apart by parental influence, the couple did not reunite successfully, although attempts were made. There had been too many obstacles thrown in their way.  

Another friend broke off her relationship with her high school boyfriend due to the bad choices he made at the time. Thirty-five years later, they are happily back together and recently got married.

So it is too late? You never know.

More Than Words Can Say
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A Fine Power Ballad 90's Style

Second Chance

.38 Special 1988

I never loved her

I never needed her 

She was willing and that's all there is to say 

Don't forsake me 

Please don't leave me now 

A heart needs a second chance 


One of the more heated discussions my girlfriends and I have had over the years is on the topic of what we would do if we found out our husband had cheated on us. Would we forgive him and work it out or would we walk away?

Opinions have changed as we have gotten older, and for one of my friends, this discussion became more than just a debate over a glass of wine. It became real.

Infidelity happens for many reasons, and in my opinion, none are justifiable. However, getting back together is an incredibly personal decision and one that only the parties involved can decide. In this .38 Special song, the singer claims it was just a mistake and he wants another chance. Should it be given?

Can You Forget About the Past?

It's Not Over

Daughtry 2006

Well, I'll try to do to it right this time around, let's start over

I'll try to do it right this time around, it's not over.

When a relationship goes bad, it cannot always be blamed on one person. But when it is the fault of one and not another, it is up to the person who let things slide to make it up.


In this hit song by Daughtry, the singer wants to start anew and he promises to try better this time if given the chance. The video story is about an ex-convict and how the woman he left behind is going to give their relationship another try.

He Didn't Need to Win American Idol to Become a Rock Star

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It isn't always easy to give another person a second chance. There is always the fear that what happened in the past could happen again. However, people also learn from their mistakes and grow from them.