Why Spice Your Steak.

Adding spices to your steak may seem odd to some people. I know that adding more than just salt and pepper to mine seems ridiculous. Some people are not that happy with having the same steak flavor constantly and they want to kick it up a notch. Others are not happy with a cut of meat and want to make it better, what ever the case is I am here to help. There are some spices that go excellent with your steak, apart from salt and pepper.


Garlic goes great with steaks. You can use either cloves of garlic, garlic salt, or garlic powder. I would recommend using the cloves of garlic if you like the strong taste. If you only want a hint of garlic, I would recommend sticking with the garlic salt or garlic powder. The garlic powder can be used by itself but it is a great compliment to many other ingredients.

Cayenne Pepper and Red Pepper

These two spices will ad a kick to your steak. They are very flavorful but also pack some of a punch. If you want to spice up your steak, I would recommend using these. Using these together adds for an interesting flavor that could burn your tongue. The spices are not too hot, but are not exactly sweet either.


Yes I know I said these were spices beyond slat and pepper, but I think peppercorn deserves its own category. Peppercorn is a great way to spice up your steak in addition to the cayenne pepper and red pepper. The peppercorn will add a large kick to your already delicious steak and there are many delicious recipes for peppercorn steak rubs.

Chile Pepper

Dried chile peppers are spicy. These are to be used if you really really want to spice up your steak. Some dried peppers give a very large kick that can almost overpower the flavor of the steak. For this reason I like to stay away from these because the peppers risk stealing the show form the steak.

Extra Garnishes

These are some great garnishes that go along with steaks. Garlic cloves, as previously stated go really well with steaks. I would recommend only light use of garlic since it does have a strong taste. Mushrooms are another great way to add to your steak. They are easy to make, have great flavor, but will not overpower the steak. I have actually heard that some people like blue cheese on their steak. I have never tried blue cheese with a steak. Blue cheese does have a strong taste so be careful. If you are not a huge fan of the blue cheese taste, I would recommend staying clear of it.

Choosing your ingredients.

Having steak for a meal is a great treat. I think that all you need is salt and pepper. If you feel your steak needs some more flavor, try spicing it up with peppers are mellowing it out with blue cheese. If you are just looking for a little extra, then try adding garlic. Prepare your steak the way you want it!