One of the most interesting things about living in the United States is the freedom we have to basically do what we want with our life If we screw it up we have no one to blame but ourselves. Fortunately most of us believe in an afterlife so we have faith we will get another chance to live, no matter what the form may be. With our freedom we have as Citizens of the United States we have the freedom to go anywhere and see anything we want in Our Country, but unfortunately there are many people who do little to no traveling during their lifetime. This is a true shame because there is so much to see and do in this great Country. Here are some of the spots everybody in the United States should visit at least once in their lifetime.

New York City

Everybody should visit New York City at least once. There is so much to see and do in the amazing City. Regardless of where you are from, New York City is probably unlike any other City you have ever been to. If you are form a small or rural town then a trip to New York City will be like visiting a foreign Country.

There are numerous landmarks and historical sites you should visit here in New York City. Among the highlights of any trip to New York is the Statue of Liberty and the Ellis Island Museum. The Statue of Liberty stands as a visual sight that is representative of the freedom we have. At the Ellis Island Museums we can learn about how many of us got to the great Country.

Las Vegas

Nobody could go through life and not experience Las Vegas at least once. It does not matter if you are not a drinker and a gambler because there is so much more to Las Vegas. I personally prefer the cheap food buffets and looking at the countless Neon lights all lit up at nighttime.

Red Wood Forest

The Red Woods are truly an amazing gift from Mother Nature. These trees can grow to unimaginable heights. It is like the tree out of Jack and the Beanstalk except this tree (stalk) is real. You can touch and see them. Many people get emotional and may even shed a few tears when they see the redwoods for the first time up close.

Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon stands as a reminder of our violent natural history. The beauty of this huge canyon needs to be experienced by everybody at least once in their life. Make sure you bring a good camera because you will want to remember this place for ever.

Pacific Ocean

While you are at the Redwoods take a jaunt over to the Ocean. We have 2 Ocean sin this Country but the Pacific Ocean is more spectacular. Regardless of where you live you need to visit the Pacific Ocean at least once in your life.


Alaska is the most spectacular State in the United States. We were fortunate that we were able to buy this great State from the Russians. Each part of Alaska is vastly different so multiple trips to Alaska may be needed in order to fully comprehend the beauty of the amazing State. One of the best ways to see Alaska the first time is by taking a cruise ship. This will give you a good taste of Alaska and you will probably want to get to the interior on your next trip so you can experience even more of this beautiful State.

It is truly amazing when you realize how large the State of Alaska truly is. Alaska even makes Texas look small, and that is saying a lot because Texas is pretty dang big.

New England in the Fall

Visiting the Northeast and the New England States in the fall is a must do for all people. The fall colors and the changing of the trees which are dropping their leafs make this not only a very beautiful piece of nature to visit, but also a very dynamic part of nature. I recommend you rent a bicycle and go ride the Countryside in a rural area so you can full take in and appreciate the beautiful fall colors of New England in the autumn.

San Francisco

In the United States we have a lot of large cities we can visit. None of them are quite like San Francisco and the character of this town. New York is awesome to visit as well as Chicago, but each town as its own characteristics and unique features. Nowhere is this truer than the hilly City of San Francisco.

There is lot of cool things to see and do in San Francisco but I would recommend you visit Alcatraz, the Golden Gate Bridge, and ride the cable cars and trolleys. San Francisco is an awesome City that is loaded with a lot of unique and cool features. I would also recommend you head down to the China Town area of San Francisco. The China Town in San Francisco is definitely unlike any other China Town neighborhood in the United States. China Town is definitely an interesting place to visit in Northern California.


Remember the town of Mayberry on the Andy Griffith Show? Well you should visit Mayberry. Mayberry is not a real town but the fictional town of Mayberry is representative of all the small and rural towns that rarely if ever make the news. The little towns in the United States help to build up the heart and soul of the Country. Each little town will have quaint little things to see and locals with interesting personalities. If you visit a very small town then immediately go to the local coffee shop and hang out and listen to the locals. You can learn a lot and be very amused. When I say go to the local coffee shop I mean a real coffee shop and not an overpriced pace like Starbucks.