So, you have made the excellent decision to take a trip to Budapest, Hungary.  You are on the path to a beautiful and enchanting city.  Now that you have decided to go, you have to make sure you hit all of the tourist hot spots that Budapest has to offer.   Follow this list and you will surely have yourself a memorable vacation exploding with Hungarian culture!


1. Széchenyi Thermal Bath

 This is not your average visit to a cramped hotel hot tub. Széchenyiis one of the largest bath complexes in all of Europe, with 15 indoor pools, 3 out door pools and a plethora of saunas and steam chambers.  Native Budapestians have been flocking to these thermal baths since 1913 for the medicinal powers of the waters.  A trip to Budapest is simply not complete without a dip into one of these steamy pools. 


2. The Hungarian Opera House

 I know what you are thinking: “I really don’t like Opera music.”  No matter!  For those who don’t enjoy the music, the Opera house is still a site to be seen with an exquisite and several floors of architectural beauty.  If you decide to engage in a musical masterpiece there are seats that fit all budget types, including some very regal box seats fit for a queen.


 3. The Danube

 It doesn’t matter if you want to walk along it, cross a bridge over it, take one of the boat tours or eat in a restaurant next to it.  The Danube is a must see when traveling to Budapest.  This infamous river is what separates the two cities that make up the capital, Buda and Pest.  The thousands of years of history the Danube has endured is reason enough to pay your respects with a visit.


4. A Cooking Class

Anyone who has tasted Hungarian cuisine knows how supremely scrumptious these dishes can be.  The best way to really appreciate all of the wonderful foods you will try along your travels is to learn how to cook it yourselves!  Chefparade is a prestigious cooking school that offers courses in traditional Hungarian cuisine, making dishes like sausage soup, chicken paprika and apple strudel.


5. Heroes’ Square

 Heroes’ Square is one of the most iconic architectural sites in Eastern Europe.  The magnificent statues were completed in the year 1900 and were created as a tribute to outstanding figures in Hungary’s history.  During the evening, the statue is lit up in a magnificent glow and can been seen down the main street Andrassy Ut.