Let it be known that geeks do more than just play video games and spend time in front on their computers.  They also enjoy a good television show from time to time. It may surprise some the number of television shows that are geared to those who consider themselves "geeks".

Below are some of the best shows geared towards geek, geek lovers and those who wish they were cool enough to be a geek.  

Big Bang Theory

Currently on their six season, Big Bang Theory's audience continues to grow.  If you are a cable or satellite subscriber, you can find the show on every night between new episodes and reruns joining the ranks of television shows like Friends and How I Met Your Mother.

Known as one of the best geek (or nerd) friendly comedies, there is something everyone can related to.  From the super geeky characters to the hot girl next door, the show continues to keep us on our toes and prove that geeks are cool.


Big Bang Theory(131483)

King of the Nerds

New in 2013, King of the Nerds is a reality television show were eleven "nerds" compete for the ultimate prize of $100,000 and to sit on the Throne of Games.  The show has competitions based around math, science and games to determine which player will be eliminated each week.

One a player loses the competition they must immediately leave the house and give up their dream of sitting on the Throne of Games.  Past cast members have included computer hackers, NASA scientist, and ultimate video gamers.

The show has also been renewed by TBS for a second season that will start in early 2014.

King of the Nerds

Comic Book Men

Another reality television show that begun in 2012, Comic Book Men features just what it sounds like, men who love comic books.  Shown on AMC, the popularity of Comic Book Men is growing by advertising during other popular shows like Walking Dead and Mad Men.

Kevin Smith leads the cast with humor, jokes and amusing gimmicks that all will enjoy.  And unlike King of the Nerds, no one has to leave this reality show.

Comic Book Men(131534)

The Walking Dead

One of the most popular shows that has even been adapted from a comic book, The Walking Dead attracts all sorts of viewers.  Now finishing up its' third season, the zombie apocalypse drama is a show that many geeks dream about.

Some people may be turned off by the amount of violence and gore, but if you look past that, you will see a show with love, compassion and the spirit of men, women and children.


Game of Thrones

HBO has another great hit television on their hands with Game of Thrones.  Based on George R.R. Martin's series  A Song of Ice and Fire the television grabs an even larger audience.  

The story follows members of the noble houses while they batter for the Iron Throne of the Seven Kingdom.  Aside from the battle to rule, there are also dangers from the North that could destroy what ever leader wants.


Game of Thrones(131681)