Top Tablet PC

So, you're on a quest to find the top tablet PC? Unlike laptop and desktop computers, tablet PCs have found a very unique market due to the fact that most people do not view them as a necessity. Most people who own tablet PCs also own laptops and/or desktop computers. While tablet PC use may have unique benefits, it's often difficult to even figure out which one to buy, because it's not easy to determine what the top tablet PC is.

The purpose of this article is to help you determine the top tablet PC by examining the pros, cons, and general features of tablets that are on the market today. The top tablet PC is going to change from day to day, month to month, and especially year to year, however this general guide will help you see the variety that you'll find in stores or online.

Candidates for the "Top Tablet PC"

1) Toshiba Portege M200 - This top tablet PC may seem a bit clunky (especially compared to the iPad, described below), however that's because it offers the best of both worlds between a notebook and a tablet PC. Although this model uses an outdated Windows XP, the affordable price compensates for that. Although the screen is a touch sensitive screen like other tablet PCs, this one also has a touch pad similar to any laptop computer. Likewise, you can position it (the screen swivels) such that it looks and functions just like a laptop. This is an excellent option for someone who doesn't always need the functionality of a tablet PC, and doesn't want to spend the money on a separate laptop and tablet PC.

The Apple iPad - Amazingly, the Apple iPad has exceeded expectations in terms of success and popularity. When the iPad was first announced, critics asked questions like "Why would someone want a larger version of the iPhone/iPod Touch?" and "Why do you need something in between your laptop and PDA?" Sure enough, the iPad's thin structure and smooth interface (essentially the same operating system as the iPhone/iPod Touch) was incredibly appealing to consumers. This is a strong candidate to be the top tablet PC.

3) Lenovo S10-3t 0651-85U - This top tablet PC is almost like the netbook version of the Toshiba Portege M200 described above. In one configuration, it looks and acts just like a netbook. However, the screen can rotate 180º and it turns into a tablet form. One nice thing about this computer is that it's very light (2.76 pounds) and has a lot of powerful specifications that make it not too much less powerful than a regular laptop (250 GB hard drive, 1GB RAM, and standard connectivity with USB ports). Also, it comes with Windows 7 Home Premium. Positive reviews point to a lot of great built-in touchscreen features, however one drawback is the relatively short battery life (only about three hours with Wi-Fi enabled).

If you are looking for a top tablet PC, the above options are a good place to start. Technology is a very fluid realm in our society, so what's popular today may be obsolete tomorrow. Always keep in mind that newer technology is generally overpriced, and something older may offer the best value. For basic computing functions (e.g. word processing, web browsing), most people don't need the best on the market. Older, less expensive models will generally be just as effective.