Lara Croft

10. Lara Croft

Lara Croft reboot

Lara makes it lower on this list since I am not as familiar with the older games, aside from the fact that she is not only incredibly attractive (for the graphics of those days) but intelligent and hard as nails. And, of course, she fights dinosaurs.

But mainly, my focus is on the rebooted Lara, whose physical attributes are in no way exaggerated, her appearance is that of the average young woman, and her resourcefulness is what predominately drives her forward.

While others have seen this new Lara as a step back for women and their connections to video games, citing that "she is reduced to a mere over-emotional wreck as stereotyped by men", I find that this fresh incarnation of the characters allows for a strong role model that can introduce more girls and young ladies to games. She's not fake, she is the epitomy of a real woman in a real (well, video game logic "real") situation.


9. Chell

Portal series

Chell has cool boots and says nothing. Quiet and mysterious, it is undeniable that one of the best things about Portal is the relationship between our hero Chell and the infamous GLaDOS. Whether she is really "oddly distributed in mass", I will leave up to you.

But honestly, Chell has to have one of the strongest backbones if she can take all that from GLaDOS and not even bother responding.

The concept for her design was based on making her appear like a real woman, to help increase player attachment and believeability, but her appearance is not shown very often in game, allowing for better immersion.

Alex Roivas

8. Alex Roivas

Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem

Think you can survive enduring not only a Lovecraftian-style horror, but the stories of the all many people involved who shared the terror? Well, Alex Roivas can. Along with the player of "Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem", Miss Roivas learns of her family's dark history with the power hungry and devious Ancients and of the people who before have fought against them.

Alex throws herself into reading the dread "Tome of Eternal Darkness" and begins to experience one heck of a reality check. She's a strong young woman venturing full force into the unknown.


7. Justine

Amnesia: Justine

Heroine or not, it's literally up to the player. For those unfamiliar with Justine, she's the titular character for a DLC story for "Amnesia: The Dark Descent". In my humble opinion, "Justine" is even scary than its predecessor.

You play as Justine, a mentally disturbed girl who has a thing for messing with the minds of men. Throughout the course of the game, you are given choices to save imprisoned people, with your own words ringing in your head: "Remember, they can all be saved." Whether you save them all and ultimately yourself is whether or not you are truly a heroine.

What helps to really make Justine so memorable is her voice, provided by the talented Emily Corkery. This is really our only way to see her, other than two dismal looking portraits, but it gives great insight into a frighteningly fascinating character.

Alice Liddell

6. Alice Liddell

American McGee's Alice/Alice: Madness Returns

Another demented girl added to the list: Alice. "American McGee's Alice" and its sequel "Alice: Madness Returns" are written as darker follow-ups to the originals by Lewis Carroll. Not a likely heroine, but she fights to regain her life and her mind and, in the end, avenges the deaths of her mother, father, and sister.

She went through the darkness and most foul corners of her psyche to confront the real evil within, the one corrupting her slowly from inside.

Alice is driven despite the odds and her own mind trying to work against. A heroine for the ages!

Claire Redfield

5. Claire Redfield

Resident Evil series

Claire is a very underrated character from the "Resident Evil" franchise, having made only an appearance in 2, Code: Veronica, and the CG movie "Degeneration" (this is not including any re-dos of original appearances, like "The Darkside Chronicles"). A record for the series, Claire is the only character to have kept the same voice actress (the amazing and talented Alyson Court) since her first game.

She's a young fiery woman with a caring side subpar to no one. She's not afraid to take charge of her siutation.

And she totally kicked William Birkin's butt. He really did deserve it.

Jill Valentine

4. Jill Valentine

Resident Evil series

Originally, I only planned on having one leading lady from the RE universe, but it was really tough to decide between Miss Redfield and Miss Valentine. So.... I just let them both remain on the list.

Jill, like her male counterpart Chris Redfield, has undergone many changes over the years. One of the more recent and infamous incidents is when she was turned into a blonde. Many fans outraged.

But regardless of her looks, Jill is a very tough character and ready to take lead when needed and is one of the more popular females of the "Resident Evil" world, next to Ada Wong, of course.


3. Heather

Silent Hill 3

*Really huge spoiler warning!!!*

Poor Heather. She has had to endure the torture that is puberty three times! Yes, three!

Originally born as Alessa Gillespie, her soul was split into two after a horrible accident during a cult ritual. The second half of Alessa's soul escaped the dark town of Silent Hill as a small baby, found by Harry and Jodie Mason, a childless married couple.

Several years later, widowed Harry takes little Cheryl (the baby now the age of 7) to Silent Hill on vacation only to find things are severly twisted and all wrong. At the end of their struggle, Alessa and Cheryl are reunited into one being and through the game's turn of events, Alessa splits her soul again in the form of another baby.

And that's all before Heather's story!

Heather, the last split soul given to Harry to take care of, is a seventeen year old girl who is relatively normal. But then with one trip to the mall and an encounter with a few odd ball people, her world is completely turned upside down.

 Clever, sarcastic, and much like your typical teen, Heather is a strong character with heavy motivation to continue traversing through the nightmare that is the hideous town of Silent Hill.


2. Ellie

The Last of Us

Ellie is a young girl who may possibly be the cure to save mankind, but she’s also a big ball of bad language and sass. However, she’s incredibly brave and can stand on her own two feet. Through the game, she makes a very strong connection with the playable character, Joel. And while many might think this is Joel’s story, it’s not. Ellie is the primary focus.

Out of all the characters on this list, she has probably endured some of the most hardships and she still came through to the other side.


1. Elizabeth

BioShock: Infinite

Elizabeth seems to be like some sort of out of place Disney princess. She’s a spirited gal with imagination and heart locked away in a tower with a giant mechanical bird for a watchful guardian, and, goshdarnit!, all she wants to do is visit Paris! She even has her very own song to sing. Definitely a lost Disney princess.

Take notes, Disney Corp., because there will be a quiz.

Unlike most of the princesses, Elizabeth possesses the ability to create time rifts, and can change the course of events of history. The strongest power of all: her sweetness and compassion.

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