The seasons are changing, the smells of fireplaces are in the air, and the Christmas lights are going up. It's also that time of year where the lines in the stores are getting longer, and the hold time to get that bill figured out is just a tad bit longer. 

Here's where I come in. 

I hate boredom. Specifically, I hate the feeling of being bored. So, with my iPhone in hand, I have figured out the top ten apps (free, except for one), you should download to fight the boredom you might be facing at this given moment (hey, you found this post, didn't you?)

1) Paper Toss

It might be a tad archaic and simplified (reminds me of my "tossing-playing-cards-in-a-hat" days), but something about the tinkering off office noises in the background (or flushing of a toilet, depending on what scene you use) that make this game a lot of fun. And very addictive. 

Download Paper Toss, and you will find yourself sitting in an office chair (probably one very similar to the one you are sitting in now…you know you are, don't lie), and you "shoot" the crumpled paper into the trash can nearby. If you miss, you are more than likely to hear sounds of protest from one of your fellow coworkers. If you make it, that wonder feeling of total victory.

This app is available for both iPhone and Android

iPhone Link:

Android Link:

2) Sound Box

Confession: I have a very immature sense of humor. So this app immediately appealed to me. 
When you first open sound box, you will see words probably something like "Stinky Mouse" and "Butt Moose." If you have my sense of humor, you're probably already laughing. And yes, it is what you're thinking.

An app with immediate gratification, especially if you are in a public place (like an elevator, for example), you can use this as a sound effects key and let the entertainment begin. *chuckle* 

This app is available for only iPhone.

iPhone link:


Okay, so you remember those cheesy photos you would take as a kid when you would go to a carnival and you would stick your face in a cardboard cut out where the rest of you would be the body of a cartoon character or something? 

Me too.

And it's still fun to do as an adult. But this time, you have an app to do it for you. 

Hehe…by downloading FACEinHOLE, you can relive your childhood days and your face can go on the body of a cartoon character, or in a television, or in a really funny/weird/cute situation that you can post to Facebook to entertain your friends. 

(This is one of the few paid apps I have on this list and it is sooo worth the $.99)

This app is available for iPhone and Android Market.

iPhone app link:

Android app link:

4) OverDrive

For you bookworms out there, we share a common dream - to read where we want, when we want. And there's an app for that.

I downloaded OverDrive and it's one of the best book apps out there. (My favorite USED to be Stanza, but not so much anymore). All you need for OverDrive is a library card from you local library, and you will have a ton of free books to choose from

This app is available for iPhone and Android Market.

iPhone download link:

Android download link:

5) ILoveFreeThings.Com

Call me cheap (okay, no, don't really call me that), but I get a thrill every time I know I can get something for free (hence, my obsession with free apps). So, when I spotted this app, I became a very quick and faithful fan. Download this app and you will find a lot of opportunities for free stuff (some pretty cool stuff too). 

For example, one of the most recent free items posted was a $2.00 credit for Amazon MP3 (hey, that's two or three songs, people! That's pretty good!) So download this app and show off to all your friends how cheap (nifty, I mean nifty) you are!

This app is available for iPhone and Android Market.

iPhone app link:

Android app link:

6) ShopKick

Okay, somehow the idea of me working towards something without doing very much at all makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.  And when you download ShopKick, you are doing just that - working towards getting gift cards, by just checking into stores that are surrounding you.
My personal goal is to get enough points to get that iTunes gift card. We'll see how that goes. But, since you'll be waiting in long lines this holiday season anyways, may as well just make the most of it! 

This app is available for iPhone and Android Market.

iPhone app link:

Android app link:

7) YouTube

I'm stating the obvious here, but if you don't have YouTube downloaded to your smart phone, you are seriously missing out. With all of those music videos, funny pet videos, and the general awesome stuff that humanity manages to do with just the right gadget and the platform to post it on, YouTube provides great fun for all ages at any time of boredom moments.

My personal recommendation? Check out The Annoying Orange for laughs. Hee-hee-hee.

This app is available for iPhone and Android.

iPhone app link (should be pre-downloaded to your iPhone already)

Android app link:

8) iReddit

Think of Reddit as the combination between the free-flowing community quality of Craigslist postings, and the usual warm fuzzy feeling that comes about when you read a series of comments after an article (that whole "you-are-not-alone" feeling). 

Nosy? Bored? Wondering what's going on in your community? Once you download the app, create an account with Reddit, and then start adding your own personal Reddit communities (if you live in New York - hit that plus sign and type New York). For me, I also found Reddit communities for blogging and writing. 

I also recommend typing in "Bored" when you are seeking other communities. 


This app is available for iPhone and Android.

iPhone app link:

Android app link:

9) Weird Facts

Want to know a fact that you probably could spend the rest of your life not knowing and be just fine?

You are totally saying yes, aren't you?

So, if you download the Weird Facts app, you can find all sorts of useless (potentially Jeopardy question) type of facts.

Such as the fact that no matter its size or thickness, no piece of paper can be folded in half more than 7 times (you're trying that now, aren't you?)

This app is available for iPhone only (although Android-ers, I'm certain other variations out there for ya).

iPhone app link:

10) iFML 

I don't know about you, but lately I've seen more and more of my friends on Facebook posting their tragic experiences for the day and ending it with "FML." I'm a little tired of that expression.

Until I met this particular app. 

Oh. My. God. 

It's as if you have walked into a room and everyone is talking about really awful, horrible experiences they are having. 

Talk about not feeling alone, right?

Both tragic, funny, horrifying, and gross at times, the iFML (or F My Life!) app is bound to leave you entertained for hours and hours to come and feeling a LOT better about your own lot in life.

This app is available for iPhone and Android.

iPhone app link:!/id307008056?mt=8

Android app link: