Yap! Yap! Yap! Wah! Wah! Wah! Wah! Sometimes while playing online all I here is the chatter of annoying 6 year olds (Yes it happens. Parents, tis-tis) and I want to stop. Or the repetitive Video Game music annoys the crap out of me. So i grab my Ipod, press play, and listen to...

1. Rage Against the Machine

Why? Well it makes my blood rush, my heart beat faster, my eyes move quicker, and my fingers to react faster. The excellent rapping/singing by Zack de la Rocha coupled with the amazing guitar strumming makes the adrenaline rush!

Rage Against the MachineCredit: wikipedia


2. Muse

Muse has it all. From chill to "I want to tackle the world!". If your ever just cruising thru some levels, play a slow chill song like "Invincible". Or, if your  whole teams leaves you on Gears of War and your bots suck check out their song "Knights of Cydonia". Both songs are from their album "Black Holes and Revelations".

Muse(42464)Credit: wikipedia


3. Brand New

I rcently stumbled upon this band. As soon as you don't expect it, it hits you! Once it hits you the only way to control the feeling is to get at least a 10 kill spree. Great lyrics with great melody causes for a "Gay ol time!". Short but sweet.

Brand NewCredit: wikipedia


4. Rammstein

Put in jail after explicit acts on stage and music videos banned. Need i say more? Nope, but im going to. Rammstein is a German Industrial Metal band (Yes you wont be able to understand them) that simply is hardcore to the max. The lead singer has a deep powerful voice that will convey in your gameplay. Hören Sie ihnen zu...

RammsteinCredit: wikipedia


5. Lcd Soundsystem

Will you marry me? Lcd Soundsystem is one of my favorite groups of all time. Heck, I got them playing as i type this list. Their sound consist of funky electronic sounds. Electronic sounds you say, while playing an electronic? What better couple could there be? Well, it all depends on taste but personally i will listen to these guys playing any Video Game. You can relax, get pumped, and everything in between with Lcd Soundsystem.

LCD SoundsystemCredit: wikipedia


6. Hans Zimmer

Ok, ok, it's a picture of a 46 year old man. How can this be Video Game music? Well ever watch movies like The Dark Knight, Last Samurai, Inception? Pretty awesome movies right? Well this guy made the soundtracks to those movies. Without this guy The Dark Knight would be The Last Airbender. Ok im joking but the music in movies has to do alot with the feel of the movie. So wanna amp up your game playing? Amp it up with Hans Zimmer!

Hans ZimmerCredit: wikipedia

Phew! Long post!

7.  Armin Van Buuren

Some good ol Trance music to calm the soul. Some good ol Trance music to calm your nerves when your going 2 and 13. Or when you just cant get into the End-zone. Soothing sounds along with great vocals (He doesn't sing, other artist do) produces a wonderful calm environment. "Ahhh, just relax and sniff the roses, it'll be alright".

Armin Van BuurenCredit: wikipedia


8. Bob Marley

So i feel a tad bit bad about putting Mr. Bobby Marley on this. I mean he only sang about peace and happiness. And what are we doing? Pressing the right trigger to kill player, "xXIPWNU183948Xx". With that being said Bob Marley is a very relaxing type of artist. Kinda goes with the whole Armin Van Buuren deal, to calm your soul. I'm sure you know much about this good fella so ill leave it at that.

Bob MarleyCredit: wikipedia


9. System of a Down

"I brought my pogo stick just to show her a trick she had so many friends!". Huh? I know its crazy. Ever just don't care and you just want to have fun? Crazy fun? Throw a 50 yard throw to little legged Spanky? Well oh-buddy-oh-pal i got a  friend for you. System of a Down are a crazy Alternative Metal bunch who just don't care. But that's not to say they don't produce great music. They are amazing in a crazy way. Have i said crazy enough? Crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy....

System of a DownCredit: wikipedia


10. Hmm...

"Momma says tat i ought ta listen ta ma favorite music". I agree with Momma (Who would want to argue with a 600lb women? Not me.) play what ever music genre you like. I posted some ideas to maybe get your mind juices flowing. We all are different.

*Note* There is no specific order.