Although there are several musical artists who have made it big all by themselves, bands are still an enormous influence on the music industry. They offer something to the musical scene that you don’t receive with a solo artist. There are a lot of great new and unique groups that have formed lately worth mentioning.

More than one musical voice joined in a wonderful harmony is magnificent to listen to and the ones on the scene today are providing us with a variety of awesome sounds. These are the top ten bands to listen to today.


The name is unique and certainly memorable. It’s an electro pop vibe streaming very big on YouTube and will release their first album in the spring of 2013.

Blondfire is slightly exceptional in form. They happen are a brother and sister duo. A single called “Where the Kids Are” put them on the musical scene and they certainly have a bright and blonde future ahead of them.

Atlas Genius

Australia has sent us Atlas Genius. Two brothers, Michael and Keith Jeffrey, have seen enormous popularity down under. That same admiration is mounting in this country by singing catchy pop tunes for Americans. Some of their standout singles include “Trojans” and “Symptoms”.

Dinner and a Suit

The name is different and so are the members. With some extremely captivating hooks and bubbly melodies, Dinner and a Suit have fashioned a wonderful album. Our Departure is one song on their album which includes soul-searching lyrics that give listeners a pause. Along with being talented, it certainly doesn’t hurt that all three members are total hotties!

Before You Exit

Bands that remind you of others in the same field aren’t all bad. Before You Exit have several distinct similarities to Rocket to the Moon, in all the right ways. Although they are only in high school, they have been together for a number of years. Originally formed in middle school, they are going strong with impressive music and wonderful success.

A new song “I Like That” was released the first of January 2013 and has taken off with listeners. The collection of singers includes members Riley (17), Connor (18) and Toby (14).


Graffiti6 is a duo from England that can boast working with the notable One Direction. With a merging of hip hop and folk music they have created a sound that is really different from most musical sounds today. Tommy Danvers and Jamie Scott have formed a wonderful collaboration. Graffiti6 is one of the top ten bands to listen to today.

Best Coast

If you are searching for a light hearted sound and to some extent cheery then Best Coast is worth a second look. The lead voice of Bethany Cosentino has a way with music like no other and makes you ache for your long-lost first love. Check out iTunes and download the single “Boyfriend”. You will not be disappointed.

Of Monsters and Men

Don’t let the name make you shy away. You will miss out on some great tunes from this Icelandic indie ensemble of singers. They have been extremely popular in their native land and have made their way to our shores with their infectious combination of voices.

Of Monsters and Men crafted an album, “My Head is an Animal”, that reached the number six spot on the Billboard chart of the Top 200. Not only can they produce the hot and cheeky tunes to dance a night away, but they can croon to you with love songs you don’t want to miss.

Kids These Days

Chicago has generated a number of great musical artists and continues to do so with Kids These Days. They are young and talented. Every member is under the age of 21, but don’t let their youth fool you into thinking they are not talented or too young. MTV is giving these guys a number of props and their Facebook page has blown up with “likes”.

A girl rapper with a bluesy sentiment and two guys playing horns make them stand out from others in the same field. The single “Doo Wah” is worth a listen.

Icona Pop

When you decide to build a playlist of terrific music, do not forget to add “I Love It” from Icona Pop. The Swedish singers and soulful DJs have put together musical notes that will make anyone want to dance.

Local Natives

This group of friends formed Local Natives to give you tunes to dance to, study to and basically chill out while listening to their single “Airplanes”. Three young men have made it big with themes related to getting back with the ex and emo-y melodies. They bring it to the table when they come with their wily sound and skills.

In conclusion

Don’t miss out on the next big find in the musical industry of the twenty-first century. These are people who have come together to make some of the best tunes of our time. They are all new and fresh along with being full of extremely skilled talent. If you haven’t taken the time to listen to what they have to offer, you certainly haven’t heard anything yet.

These are the top ten bands to listen to today and their music is unique, innovative and new to the scene. Take a moment to sit back, kick your feet up and hear what they have to say to you.


bands offer something to the music industry not found with solo artists

Blondfire-Where the Children Are

Local Natives-Breakers