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Since marking November 2004 as its first market release, the Nintendo DS, a handheld game console produced by Nintendo, has made quite a big name in the game industry as of today. There are already about 139 games playable in the Nintendo DS that sold over a million units.[882]

With the tremendous library of games featured by this portable game system, any experienced gamer will likely never miss to play the following popular and best-selling NDS games of all times:

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1. New Super Mario Bros.

Topping the list is the never-ending quest of the plumber brothers. Selling almost 26.9 million copies of the game, the Super Mario Brothers are back with a modernized retro style of gaming experience. This side-rolling platform game features our two heroes in a journey to save the magnificent beauty, Princess Peach from the hands of not only one but two legendary villains, Bowser and Bowser Junior! New Super Mario Brothers also feature some aspects of the game’s earlier versions. Some of these functions are the all access pass to the several power-ups that will help Mario and Luigi in their quest, including Super Mushroom, the Starman and the fantastic Fire Floral, each providing him special skills. With eight worlds and a total of 80 levels to venture on, one will definitely enjoy this undying legend of a game.   


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2. Nintendogs

Ever wonder if is it possible to take care of a dog wherever you are and whenever you want? Definitely this game is an answered prayer to those dog lovers out there who also enjoy playing portable games in the DS. Nintendogs has its very own charm like a real pet, selling over 23.3 million units worldwide in all of its available versions. The versions are based on the different breeds of dogs available in the game - Dachshunds, Labradors and those cute little Chihuahuas. Absolutely a virtual experience with outstanding pet interactions awaits you as you play along.  


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3. Mario Kart DS

From the traditional cliffs and steep mountains we’ve used to enjoy, Mario’s back with a twist! Instead of giving us his usual powerful jumps and tricks, he now serves us up with an outstanding performance in the race track. With about 21 million copies sold, Mario Kart DS, a racing game developed by Nintendo, features the superstar Mario series characters and puts them in one single battle full of speed, cars, hot fumes and more importantly, giant exploding mushrooms. After being recognized by a lot of award giving bodies in the game industry, definitely this extraordinary Mario game will leave anybody hot on their tracks. So what are you waiting for? Race on!    


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4. Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day!

A puzzle game that employs strategy and technique in finding solutions to each handled problems is how this game shows its unique style of exercising the brain. With almost 18.7 million units sold worldwide, this brain training game is such a hit that even scientists tried to prove its efficiency and effectiveness. Considered to be both a scientific and an entertainment merchandise, the quality of this game’s puzzles are so levelling that it will really drain the juices out of you. This will definitely make you think that learning in school is really an understatement after playing.  


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5. Pokemon Diamond and Pearl

Selling almost 17.4 million copies throughout the world, the foregoing adventure of a young trainer never ends with this version of the ultimate Pokemon challenge. Released in 2006 and 2007 for Japan and North America respectively, Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, like earlier versions of the game, marks the journey of a starting Pokemon trainer as he or she captures, trains, and battles Pokemon throughout the fantastic world of these cute and sometimes intimidating pocket monsters. Increasing the gameplay with a new Wi-Fi feature, these versions definitely receive an absolute mark from those gamers who followed the series. This is definitely one of those fantastic RPG that can grant a long-lasting feeling of accomplishment to its players.  


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6. Brain Age 2: More Training in Minutes a Day!

Following the game’s predecessor, Brain Age 2 Is back with new puzzles and tricks that will definitely make a player quit from over-thinking! With 13.7 million copies sold, this game invokes a promising long line of puzzle series through one will be able to decide his or her real brain age. The game boasts of its ability to improve the brain’s reactive capacity as the player completes a chain of mini-games. It also received many recognitions and awards during the year it was released.   


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7. Pokemon Black and White

These latest releases of the Pokemon series shows off with its fantastic sale performance as it was able to sell almost 12.9 million copies in just about half a year.  Stated to be the fifth avenue of this Nintendo franchise, Pokemon Black/White follows yet another adventure of a young trainer as he or she trains and competes with his or her priced Pokemon. The game features new additions to the grand velocity of the series such as triple battle schemes and fantastic three-dimensional background maps. The great advancement made by the game definitely pioneered other role-playing games in the DS as it enters the portable gaming console’s new 3D visual systems.  


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8. Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver

An outstanding remake of the 1999 Pokemon Gold and Silver series, Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver primed the great Pokemon franchise in achieving yet another successful sale race. The game sold almost 12 million copies around the world. The game, as its original, chases the quest of young Pokemon trainers venturing throughout the fictional Pokemon universe’s land of Johto. Aside from carrying on the first game releases’ features, Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver provided new additions for its players to enjoy. New gadgets and instruments are implemented to aid the player in his journey and throughout his Pokemon conquest.

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9. Animal Crossing: Wild World

Unlike the game’s prequel, Animal Crossing: Wild World definitely grabbed the opportunity in representing the line of social simulation games as one of the world’s best selling DS games. This brand sold an outstanding 10.8 million copies worldwide. The game features a character living in a remote wild environment resided by anthropomorphic animals. The tasks of the player in-game involve harvesting and hunting items and quality materials. If you like notable social interactions virtually, this game is out for grabs.


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10. Super Mario 64 DS

A fantastic remake of 1996 N-64 game, Super Mario 64 DS definitely boasts its enhanced graphics with the same natural feeling of gameplay. The game is considered to be commercially outstanding as it was able to sell all over the world 9.7 million units. If the thirst of retro gaming in newly generated features pains you, Super Mario 64 DS will definitely hit the spot!