#1 Farmville

One of the most popular video game  titles on Facebook is Farmville and it has been that way for some time.  It has has changed quite a bit over time and now has many new features such as the expansion English Countryside. In this title you build your own farm, plant crops, and have  a huge assortment of different decorations.  One of the best things about the game is the ability to send gifts to your friends and get them to help out on your farm by sending you items to help you build various structures. Farmville now offers quests which gives the player even more game play options. While the graphics of the game are getting a bit old even for Facebook standards the game is still as popular as ever.


# 2 CityVille

CityVille is a city building game. In this title your task is to build houses, residences, stores, and goverment buildings as you grow a city from humble beginnings. This game features a huge number of quests to complete as you play.  Players can farm and make crops which become goods to supply your many businesses. Many s ructures require Facebook friends to be employees and there are many parts  you need to complete various buildings in the game. The title is often adding new content so there's always something new to build in the game. CityVille remains one of the best city building games on Facebook.


#3 Empire and Allies

Emoire and Allies takes the best of  city building and combines it with combat elements. In this game you build up a city but you also create land, air, and naval units to go against the AI or even your Facebook friends. The game features new content on a regular basis and while the combat is simple it's very fun. Players collect wood, food, ore and special resources to make their military units in the game. Players can use friends to help them complete missions in the game.

Empire and Allies(61003)

#4 City of Wonder

City of Wonder is a Faceook city building game. Players build cities while trying to keep their citizens happy with culture buildings. In the game you can take war, culture, or trade missions against other Facebook users too. There are plenty of decorations for your city and even wonders of the world such as the pyramids. The game features expansions such as garrisions or the water expansion.  City of Wonder continues to be one of the leading city building games on Facebook.

City of Wonder

# 5 Mafia Wars

While Mafia Wars is a basic text and graphics RPG it's one of the most popular games on Facebook. There are several different areas to explore such as Italy. Players complete text-based misisons for rewards and to level up in the game.  There are a huge number of gifts you can send your friends and there's always something new to collect in the game. While the text based Facebook RPG is slowly losing steam on Facebook  Mafia Wars will be around for some time yet.

#6 The Sims Social

Moving up the ladder fast is the Sims Social this game takes everyones favorite Sim charcaters and puts them online. The first Sims Online game failed but this one is gaining followers. Players can build their own home,  skill up, and the game features the same needs such as bladder and hunger. Players can visit other Sims homes and new expansions and areas to explore are right around the corner. This Sims game could become one of the leading Facebook games as it continues to develop on Facebook.

#7 Galaxy Online II

Galaxy Online II is a spaced based game where players develop their own base and fight other users. The game features a huge number of ships to build and you can use various weapon systems on each ship to customize them the way you want. The game has a large community and is one of the better combat games on Facebook at this time.

# 8 Backyard Monsters

Backyard Monsers is a great war game on Facebook. Players collect resources and build up a base to protect from NPCs or other players.  The game has a huge number of neat  monsters to build and it's fun to build your base and protect it from attack. You can upgrade your defenses to make them more powerful.

#9 Gardens of Time

Gardens of Time is a treasure hunting game and a builder too. Players can take part in missions where they are given a scene to explore. Players find the items in the scene and get rewards. The game also features an area you can build up and make your own. The game has buildings based on different eras such as Egypt times and is one of the best treasure hunting games on Facebook.

# 10 FrontierVille

In FrontierVille players settle in the old west and build up a home and a small town while battling critters along the way. Players clear land for their structures and take part in a gigantic numbe rof quests in the game. Players can plant crops and collect a huge number of different collections for game rewards. FrontierVille remains popular due to the sheer number of things you can do in the game.