10 Mind-blowing Films From Hollywood

Part 1

The top ten best movies of all time are here today because of the transformation of a sleepy city into the world-famous center of bustling activity. The town that is known purely for its cinematography is the one and only Hollywood. A quick tour of Hollywood will give you the basic summary of its rise to fame. Hollywood's first movie was A Daring Hold-Up in Southern California back in 1906. Then between the 1920s and the 1940s Hollywood became the hub of the film industry. Since then, Hollywood the city has seen many changes as a city, but the films produced have always stayed true. Cinematography is an art, and as such, the list of the top ten best movies of all time presented here are my personal favorites. With that being said, I have researched all kinds of films and have chosen what I believe are beloved by everyone, both old and new. 

8.) Ghost (1990) 

Directed by: Jerry Zucker 

Starring: Patrick Swayze, Demi Moore, Whoopi Goldberg, Tony Goldwyn 

Tagline: You will believe. 

Best Quote: "Just think of it this way. You'll go to Heaven." 

Everything is going great for Sam and Molly until one night when he is brutally removed from this world. Molly is devastated, but unbeknownst to her, so is Sam... 'cause now he is wandering the streets in the form of a ghost. No one can see him, no one can hear him, and he's gathering a buttload of information about his murder that he can't tell anyone! Then, he runs into Oda May Brown, a spiritual advisor. As is often the case, she is a phony... but she is not as much of a phony as anyone thinks. When Sam starts haunting her, she has no choice but to do everything in her power to get the information over to Molly. It's a fascinating story of love, loss (duh), and believing in the unbelievable. The film doesn't attempt to shove any particular religious belief down your throat, it just says "This might be how it is." Whoopi Goldberg offers the movie a lighthearted, comedic side. She pretty well single-handedly saves the entire film from being a downright dreary approach to the subject. Although the ubiquitous Righteous Bros. tune, "Unchained Melody" might make a beautiful backdrop to an unexpectedly HOT scene (my God, those fingers), I still will always feel closer to the movie when I hear Swayze's song "She's Like The Wind". 

9.) The Butterfly Effect (2004) 

Directed by: Eric Bress, J. Mackye Gruber 

Starring: Ashton Kutcher, Amy Smart, Elden Henson, John Patrick Emidori 

Tagline: Change one thing, change everything. 

Best Quote: "You can't change who people are without changing who they were! You can't play God, son!" 

I know you probably think I'm absolutely off my hinges on this one. But I'm not even kidding. This is one of the best movies of all time. A lot of critics derided this film 'cause of the presence of Ashton Kutcher, and all I can say is they should know, shouldn't they. Since they love his old stuff so much. 
Blackouts could not possibly happen at a worse time than they do for Evan. Just when something incredible is about to happen, *poof*, he's out like a light. And so are we. The only thing we or Evan know is the aftermath. Fast forward to the present time. Evan decides to reunite with an old flame, Kayleigh, because he has recently discovered something. When he reads his old journals, he gains the ability not only to remember what was happening during those blackout periods he had as a kid, but -- get this -- to control himself during those moments. In the PAST. So needless to say, with the kind of screwed-up future he's living in, the notion is tempting. But it only leads to one complication after another as the future changes all around him. Kiddie porn, jail rape, and animal cruelty all come into the picture, but not to worry, they are all mostly implied. This film reminds me a lot of Donnie Darko. Which I have no idea why THAT movie isn't on this list as well. For the love of all that does not suck, do not doubt this picture because of Ashton Kutcher. He actually pulls off a dandy performance. 

10.) Short Circuit (1986) 

Directed by: John Badham 

Starring: Ally Sheedy, Steve Guttenberg, Fisher Stevens, Austin Pendleton, G.W. Bailey 

Tagline: Life is not a malfunction. 

Best Quote: "I am thinking she is a virgin. Or at least she used to be." 

Johnny 5 is, was and always will be one of my biggest heroes, which is why it rounds out the top ten best movies of all time. I don't know what it is about him. He is experiencing the world through a four-day-old's eyes, yet his capacity to share his thoughts and his questions goes far beyond a screeching cry. 

So it happens something like this. Newton Crosby has just designed an $11,000,000 robot, a near weapon of mass-destruction if you will. After demonstrating the robots' abilities, a mishap occurs. One of the robots gets struck by lightning, and starts to diverge from his program. He escapes into the city and runs into Stephanie, the most everyday girl you've ever known. But something weird is happening -- the robot is starting to show lifelike abilities such as imitation, seeing shapes in the clouds, dancing, cooking breakfast, and communicating on an emotional level. The "warmongers" are anxious to get their contraption back (too bad nobody cares about our troops that much, and they don't even make 1% of $11,000,000 in a year!) Newton Crosby is hardly swayed by Stephanie's insistence that his robot is "alive", he just wants it back. So who will get the robot first? Will Newton ever believe that his robot is actually alive? Short Circuit does remarkably well in displaying the true value of a life, no matter what its "vessel" might be. And there is a moment in this film that I can honestly say is the only time in my life I have ever clapped so hard that it hurt.