Wondering where to go for your vacation?

Are you planning on taking a holiday trip with your family? You’re surely thinking about where and what kind of tourist destinations you will visit.

So, what type of tourist attraction should make you decide to go to a certain destination in the world?

One of the aspects that you should consider when determining where to go is if they have a great zoo that you can visit.

Families who will take a trip with their children in tow will definitely enjoy visiting a place with a zoo. Then, your next step is to check out all of the tourist destinations around the world that feature amazing zoos in their itinerary of wonderful spots to visit.

Monkey At The ZooCredit: Flickr - Shiny Things

You should do a search on where to visit anywhere in the world because there are many wonderful and terrific tourist destinations that present great zoos where you can check out a wide array of exotic and well-known animals.

Of course, when looking for incredible zoos to visit, you should first check out what and where to find the top ten biggest zoo’s in the world. Being listed among the top ten biggest zoo’s in the world would mean that you would visit only the best of the best there is that one can locate anywhere in the world. You and your family will certainly enjoy and have fun learning about rare and wonderful animals that you may have or may not have seen in your life.


Zoo's In Europe

If you are going to take a trip to Europe, you should visit the following exceptional zoos: Germany’s Berlin Zoo or the other equally amazing zoo's in Germany like the Berlin Tierpark, Frankfurt Zoo and Wilhelma Zoo; the Vienna Zoo or Tiergarten Schonbrunn located in Austria; and the London Zoo in England.

Resting Polar BearCredit: Fotocommunity - Arndt Nollau

Zoo's In North America

There are also excellent zoos in the United States that are part of the top ten biggest zoo’s in the world such as the Bronx Zoo located in New York City, the San Diego Zoo in California, Texas’ San Antonio Zoo or the Baltimore Zoo, among others.


Zoo's In Asia

There are also amazing zoos in Asia that you should take into account like the one in Singapore called Singapore Zoological Gardens or the Beijing Zoo in China. You can also check out the exotic collections that the zoos in South Africa have to offer such as the Johannesburg Zoo or the National Zoo.

Tiger At The ZooCredit: Flickr - Chadh

Other Great Zoo's

In other sites and publications, these are some of the zoos listed in their top ten biggest zoo’s in the world: the Belize Zoo in Belize, the Bermuda Aquarium, Museum, and Zoo in Bermuda, and the Jerusalem Biblical Zoo in Israel. There are several large zoos in the world but some are definitely bigger than others.