Christmas Collectibles Make a Great Hobby

Christmas is a time to celebrate and enjoy the holiday season. Many holiday enthusiasts like to collect Christmas themed items. Once a year they will pull their Christmas collectibles out of the attic and set up their collection  as part of a holiday tradition.

Once people know you like to collect aspecific type of Christmas item whether it is ornaments, vintage holiday decorations or Santa Claus figurines, you will find that you receive those types of items as gifts. It is fun to start a collection of Christmas items because it is a fun hobby and makes for a special tradition.

If you are thinking about starting a Christmas themed collection, here is a top ten collection of holiday collectibles:

  1. Vintage Christmas Decorations – There are all kinds of items you can collect in this category including vintage ornaments, vintage Christmas lights, old plastic decorations such as reindeer and old Christmas cards. Many people decorate their homes in a complete vintage theme for the holiday season. It really creates a nostalgic look for an old fashioned feel.

  2. Sterling Silver Christmas Ornaments – Many of the major manufacturers of sterling ornaments produce an annual ornament each year. It is a holiday tradition to try to complete an entire series. Ebay is a great place to find missing pieces to your collection.

  3. Santa Claus Figurines – Collecting Santa figures is another very popular hobby. There are so many styles that you can fill a room with thousands of different Santa's.

  4. Christmas Collectibles (21487)

    Vacation Ornaments – When you are traveling, try to purchase an ornament that represents places you visited. You will soon have a tree filled with vacation memories. Each year when you decorate your tree, you will be reminded of happy memories.

  5. Christmas Teddy Bears – Collect teddy bears in all styles and display them year after year under your tree. My kids loved enjoying my collection. I used to have them lined up on the fireplace right next to the tree. Every year I bought a new Christmas teddy bear.

  6. Christmas Music Boxes – You can find Christmas themes music boxes that play traditional Christmas songs. It is fun to find as many as you can. 

  7. Christmas Dolls – Dolls dress in Christmas outfits look pretty displayed around the house at holiday time. You can collect only vintage Christmas dolls if you like an old fashioned display of Christmas items or you can surround yourself will all kinds of dolls.

  8. Christmas Snow Globes – These are old fashioned Christmas scenes in a glass ball set on a stand. Shake them up and the snow falls prettily.  A collection of Christmas snow globes would look very holiday themed. You can find them as music boxes also.

  9. Christmas Village – Setting up a Christmas village each year is a fun hobby. You can add more buildings, people and decorations and each year it will get more involved. If you shop after Christmas you can find great deals on clearance if you want to expand your village.

  10. Snowmen – Cute snowmen figurines are another popular collectible. You will able to set up a nice display of different snowmen that you collect through the years.

Collecting Christmas items is a great way to celebrate the holidays. You can really get some great deals on holiday items if you shop online for unique items. Ebay is another great place for finding Christmas collectibles.