This list depicts the top ten scenes in movies, that while watching, make you grab yourself and mutter "that's gotta hurt" or just make you just plain squirm. There are some rules: One scene per movie. I know there are some gorier scenes out there but these are the ones that hurt to watch.


(10) About Schmidt- Just Gross

I wanted to start this list off with a bang and only need one sentence to do it. Kathy Bates naked in a hot tub. Once it is in your mind you will never get it out. Get out of my dreams!!!


(9)Misery - Help me help you

Ahhh Kathy Bates somehow makes it onto this list twice; bet you didn't see that coming. Written by Stephen King, the story follows an author, played by James Caan, get into a car accident and get nursed back to health by an obsessed fan play by Bates. To avoid Caan's character from leaving her mountain cabin, she calmly places a block of wood between his ankles and takes a big swing with a hammer. We then get to watch his ankle flop back and forth, totally separated from his leg. Kathy Bates gives a really well done performance and won both the Academy Award for Best Actress and a Golden Globe.


(8)Crank 2 - Nipples (funny word hehe)

There are a few movies with some cringe worthy nipple scenes, one of them being a little higher on the list for another scene but this one being freshest in my mind makes the cut. As punishment for making a mistake a thug is required to cut off his nipples. After he painfully obliges he tosses them to the floor with a sickening squish. My own nipples were tender after that one.


(7)Kill Bill Volume 1 - Achilles cut

I think I speak for everyone, that this is one of the worst places to be cut. Just look how it ended for the ancient Greek, Achilles. The scene finds Uma Thurman awaken from a coma waiting on the hospital floor for her would be sexual abuser to come back in. As he does, she slices the back of his foot. He then gets a nice face full of door, not once, not twice, but thrice. A great film from writer-director Quentin Tarantino.


(6)Marathon Man - Is it safe?

Starring Dustin Hoffman, this 1976 thriller sees Hoffman's character get tortured for information by a crazed Nazi dentist, Dr. Szell. In this scene Dr. Szell begins to drill into a tooth to gain access to a fresh nerve and cause an extreme amount of pain. The director decides not to show the actual drilling, which I think adds to the scene. It leaves it up to your mind to imagine the pain he must have felt. If you have ever had an exposed tooth nerve you can start to guess what that must feel like. Going to the dentist is hard enough as it is but after this it was never the same. Dr. Szell was ranked as villain #34 on the American Film Institute's "100 Years... 100 Heroes and Villains" list.


(5)Ichi the Killer - Dishonored tongue

Next on our list is Takashi Miike's bloody masterpiece. This scene brings new meaning to the saying "cat got your tongue". Tadanobu Asano, after torturing an innocent man, slowly cuts off his tongue to make restoration for his mistake. The long continuous shot makes you even more squeamish as you just want to get it over with.


(4)Zoo - Whole Concept

I don't really know where to start with this movie. It's a documentary about a man, Kenneth Pinyan, who loved a horse, maybe a little too much, and then died because of it. It's quite difficult to explain the concept in a work safe way. If you are really interested you can look it up. After watching this I was clenching for the rest of the day. I still sleep with a pillow tied to my waist.


(3)Imprint - Needle under nail

I know this isn't technically a movie but since it was never actually aired and can only be seen on DVD, it makes my list. Directed by Takashi Miike, part of the Masters of Horror series, the episode was scheduled to premiere on January 27, 2006 but was shelved by Showtime over concerns about its extremely graphic and disturbing content. The torture scene has a prostitute being punished for allegedly stealing a ring. They begin to force needles under each of her nails, deep into the bed of the finger. They then proceed do the same to the gums of her mouth. Defiantly hard to watch and guaranteed to make you squirm.


(2)Teeth - Sex Bites

"Vagina Dentata", a diagnosis that haunts men's dreams, is Latin for toothed vagina. There are a couple scenes in this movie that all would be terrifying but for the sake of this list we will pick just one. The first "chomping" of the loins occurs when a character forces himself onto the main character. Horrified at what just happened to him, he begins to flee but doesn't get very far. As all guys know we can't live without it. If this scene doesn't get every man to clench down there, I don't know if you can still call yourself a man.


(1)Un Chien Andalou - Eye and Moon

Made in 1929 and produced in France, Un Chien Andalou's story is quite hard to follow. But we only need a scene. This one in question begins with a man sharpening a razor then gazing at the moon in the night sky. I guess he felt inspired by this scene and then returns to his apartment where he holds a woman's eye open and proceed to cut across it. The shot then cuts to clouds cutting across the moon, symbolism I guess? What makes this scene most cringe worthy is the realism of the oozing eye and the fact it was made way back in the day. I have heard a few myths regarding how they pulled this scene off, one being the director cut a cow's eye and the other being a nice plump grape. The title in English means title means "An Andalusian Dog" and after seeing it, nothing will come close to your eye again. I can't even wear contacts anymore.