Who would not want to earn money online these days. Every one seems to be excited about earning money. Well, there are no set of rules as to how you can earn money because there are infinite possibilities for anyone to earn online these days. For example, if you have a product or services, you can create a website and expose yourself in similar forums, blogs and comment on those with a backlinks to your website.

Or you could write product reviews for other people by affiliate marketing. Otherwise, you could write articles for article directories such as Infobarrel, Hubpages, ehow, and Squidoo.

Here are the top lists of ways that I have compiled to make money online.

1. Set up a Website

The first things you can do are to create a simple website using a wordpress. Buy a domain name and web space. Then install wordpress. Get free wordpress themes, plugins, and widgets to customize your website according to your taste.

This way you don't have to hire any designers, and you don't have to think about learning a new programming language. All you need to learn is basic html and you are good to go.

2. Find Your Niche

What i understand a Niche market is a unique opening or market inside a common market. For example, there are people who are environment cautious. They drive cars. However, they don't want the environment to suffer from its pollution. That's why these environment friendly cars were invented. This is a new niche for this type of people. In order to come up with a niche market, you have to brainstorm for 10 minutes and you will get awesome ideas.

For example, let's say you love travelling. You also happen to write. So your niche would be to write articles for travelers, or travelogues.

The importance of focusing on the niche market is that the competition is low and in the future its potential becomes astounding.

Another ways to find niche market is to find your hobbies and write about what's unique about them that you like. If you love to play guitar, what genre you love and then you can write articles on that particular genre.

3. Write articles and post on your website

When you have identified your niche, focus on writing articles around them. Write at least two articles each day. Remember, the more you write, the better write you become.

If you have writing's block, you can avoid them by being yourself or by following free writing techniques. Free writing allows you to be yourself when you write and encourages to follow your own style and rhythm. The editing part comes later.

After writing a couple of articles each day, post them on your website, or other article submission directories, which I am going to outline for you.

4. Write for Forums, Article Directories, Blogs, and Social Bookmarking Websites with a backlinks to your website

Now, you have a website, and you have articles on them. But you know, in order to reach more people out there, you have to expose your website and rank top in the goggle.

Submit your articles on Infobarrel, Hubpages, eHow, Squidoo, E-ezinearticles, and Craigslist. These are the website that most of the people visit and they are also looking for writers who can write good content. In addition, you will also earn revenues through Google adsense, chitika, and Amazon associates when anyone reading your articles clicks any of those ads and buys a product.

First of all, join Infobarrel, and eHow. They are new and popular among new writers. They also have discussion boards allowing to share your articles, ideas, tips, and tricks. You can ask anyone for help if you need it. Infobarrel also has writers who will review each of your articles.

5. Affiliate Marketing

Next, sign up for Clickbank, or PayDotCom. Remember that you should be in their list of accepted countries; otherwise you won't get a commission from these websites.

Affiliate marketing is a concept where an affiliate, you, will market a merchant's products and services to new customers. If those customers buys anything on the website from your referral, then you get at least 75% commission on each sale made.

The money will be electronically transferred to your account.

6. Publish and EBook and Sale them on Amazon or through Affiliate Programs

Next idea to generate regular income is to create an eBook and publish them free on lulu.com.

If you have two websites that focus on different niche, create eBooks each for them. Have all articles and have it proofread them. Then you can publish them, and earn by selling them on Amazon, Clickbank, and PayDotCom.

Offer free eBooks for people who subscribe to your newsletter or a thank you note who have just visited your website.

7. Generate Revenues with Google Adsense, Chitika, and Amazon Associates.

Open account with Google adsense, chitika, and Amazon associates and place their ad codes in your websites.

Write an article on topics that interest you and if you know about some products or services that you want to mention, write a short review and post it on your articles.

For example, I usually write on health and lifestyle sections. I use Google Keyword search tool to suggest me keywords that would make popular articles. This will help me attract advertisements on my website that are valued more than other general types of articles that I write.

This way, I’ll write the same content, but the only thing that will be different would be some articles are more popular because of the time, trends and other factors. If you write high quality content, then high valued advertisers will want to advertise their ads on your website. This is how you generate more income through adsense, chitika, and Amazon associates.

8. Find Jobs on Enlace and Guru

There are thousands of jobs on elance.com and guru.com, where you can sign up for free, and then start to work for clients who are willing to pay you.

Start with those jobs that you can do or accomplish first. Slowly build your expertise and as you move on increase your pay per hour charge.

Look for article that is worth $50 per hour. Then raise that to $100 per month after few months. Then again raise it to another $150 dollars.

9. Write an article, book reviews for others

Write articles, book reviews for other people's services and products. If you are reading a book of your favourite author, write a brief summary about it, and then add a backlinks to the author's website.

This will lead the potential buyers to buy for products. Just make sure that you are genuine while writing a review. Research about the book for more information such as why the author decided to write the book in the first place, trivia of the book, weird and unrevealed facts about them.

10. Join Microworkers, Minutesworkers

If you want to earn couple of hundreds of bucks every month, join these mini job websites. You can register for free.

In Microworkers, you will get a bonus of $1 as soon as you become a member. Then you can earn $10 at least complete simple tasks every day spending a couple of hours. Just become familiar with the program at first, and do jobs that you are slightly challenging at the same time that has high value.

For example, I usually write an article, post blog comments on my website about a particular products and services.

There you have it. These are the 10 surefire ways of making money online. If you want to quit start your own business, then you can start planning to earn money by using these tips. Hope you liked it. If you find my article useful, please stumbleupon or share it with your friends on facebook or twitter. Thanks.