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1.     Ski lodge

Roz  wins a pair of tickets to a local ski lodge for the weekend and invites Frasier and the rest of the gang to join her.  Once everyone arrives a series of misunderstandings occur and this leads to a great number of laugh out loud moments.  You may see similarities to the broadway show "Noises Off" like i did but either way this episode is sure to entertain.

The Ski LodgeCredit: NBC Studios

2.     Ham radio

Frasier is given the opportunity to perform an old fashioned style radio show featuring a great cast of characters and many hilarious scenes.  Let's just say things don't exactly go very smoothly.  This has been ranked one of the funniest episodes and it's very easy to see why.

Ham RadioCredit: NBC Studios

3.     Out with Dad

When Niles cancels on Frasier and their night at the opera, Frasier asks Martin to go instead who reluctantly agrees.   Frasier approaches a beautiful woman during intermission who is accompanied by her mother who is attracted to Martin and interested in dating him.   Martin finds her unattractive and decides to pretend he is gay to avoid her advances.  His attempt to masquerade as a gay men are all too convincing, but eventually gets him into trouble.  You will enjoy this one for sure..


Out With DadCredit: NBC Studios

4.     Voyage of the Damned

Roz interests Frasier in being a guest celebrity on a cruise ship and Martin and Niles tag along.  The honor of being a guest celebrity turns out to be a big disappointment as the other celebrity guests are has-beens and nobody wants to meet Frasier.  Niles who goes to forget his troubles finds out that Frasier arranged to have his wife, Maris on board and is oh so thankful when he discovers this...   Meanwhile, Martin tries to get the full value of the cruise and tries to eat as much as he can at the buffet and Roz is pursued by a womanizing has-been 70's musician known as the Barracuda. 


Voyage Of The DamnedCredit: NBC Studios

5.     Door Jam

After accidentally receiving their neighbors mail, they are alerted to the fact that there is an exclusive spa in Seattle.    Niles pretends to be Frasier's neighbor, Winston to gain access into the club, but they are never satisfied once they realize there are multiple service levels and give up what they ultimately desired for what they can't have.  This one is a hoot...

Door Jam(125467)Credit: NBC Studios

6.     Daphne's room  

While trying to find a book in Daphne's room, Frasier hides and is eventually caught by Daphne and is scolded and forbidden from entering her room again.   Although highly discouraged, Frasier finds himself in Daphne's room once again and this leads to some hilarious scenes.

Daphne's RoomCredit: NBC Studios

7.     Three Valentines

In this episode the story centers around Valentines day.   Niles is challenged when ironing his trousers, Frasier keeps getting mixed signals from KACL's new marketing manager and is unsure if he is on a date or a business function and Martin and Daphne just accept that their Valentines day will be spent dateless.

Three ValentinesCredit: NBC Studios

8.     The Doctor is out

After meeting Roz's new boyfriend Frasier is convinced that he is gay.  After spotting him going into a gay bar, Frasier goes in after him not realizing the implications being a public figure.   All of Seattle now believes he has come out of the closet including the director the Seattle Opera (played by Patrick Stewart) and he has taken quite a shine to Frasier.  As Frasier is being romantically pursued by the director, he doesn't immediately straighten things out because he is high on the status and perks of socializing with the director of the Seattle Opera..   This one is very good.  

The Doctor Is Out 2Credit: NBC Studios

9.     Tales from the Crypt

After Bulldog pranks Frasier convincing him that his BMW is all smashed up, Frasier vows to get revenge and designs the ultimate prank on Bulldog in the basement.   Martin and Roz believe that Frasier's elaborate zombie filled prank production will never work and he should just let it go.   The prank does go very well with a great twist.

Tales From The CryptCredit: NBC Studios

10.     Room Full of Heroes

Frasier is throwing a Halloween "dress up like your hero" party.  Frasier dresses up like Sigmund Freud, Martin dresses up as Joe DiMaggio, Roz comes as Wonder Woman and Daphne dresses up like Elton John.  Though their costumes and impersonations are great, Niles steals the show.   From the zany attempts at impressions to the funny party games Frasier has everyone playing, this episode is great from start to finish.


Room Full Of HeroesCredit: NBC Studios


I hope you enjoy these episodes!