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I've been a loyal fan of this show and after going through them all with my wife who is even a bigger fan, I'm including our top ten favorite episodes.   There were many episodes that nearly made this list, but we had to be strict.    I'm sure you will enjoy these episodes listed below.

The One Where No One Is Ready

This is probably my favorite episode honestly.   The dialogue, jokes, innuendo are top-notch.   We start off where Ross has invited his friends as guests to his important event, but everybody is dragging their feet in getting ready.  Rachel is not sure what to wear, Monica obsesses over an old phone message from Richard while Joey and Chandler fight over who gets to sit in the best chair.   One of the good lines "The cushions are the essence of the chair"  The complete and total lack of progress in everyone getting ready weighs heavily on Ross and he ends up yelling at Rachel and it goes south from there...   Ross pays for his mistake.

The One When No One's ReadyCredit: NBC Studios

The One Where Heckles Dies

Mr. Heckles, Monica and Rachel's downstairs single neighbor, dies of mysterious causes and leaves all of his earthly possessions to the girls..   As they rummage through his stuff, Chandler can't help but see the many similarities between him and the late Mr. Heckles.   He begins to wonder if he is on the same path and will die alone too.   This really messes with Chandler to the point that he desperately calls Janice to get back together.   Another interesting dynamic is between Phoebe and Ross when Phoebe claims that she doesn't believe in evolution.   Ross is completely frustrated over this and obsesses over convincing her of its validity.  One of the greatest lines in this exchange between Phoebe and Ross is where Phoebe gets frustrated with Ross needing her to agree with him and says "maybe we need to put Ross under the microscope instead."    This one is great...   Many funny lines including but not limited to "I could have birds".

Heckle DiesCredit: NBC Studios

The One With Ross's Sandwich

Ross goes postal at work after someone at his work eats a special sandwich that Monica made for him from Thanksgiving leftovers that includes the "moist maker".  He gets really angry and yells at his coworkers and is given the nickname "mental".   His boss calls him in to discuss his latest antics and admits he ate the sandwich.  Ross begins yelling at him and as a result is eventually put on tranquilizers by the office shrink.   Meanwhile, to keep Monica and Chandler's relationship undercover, Joey takes the brunt of blame for a variety of questionable things they did.   Joey having had enough of this and not seeing any benefits to continuing being the scapegoat makes up a story about Monica and Joey hooking up in London.   Luckily Ross is sedated when he hears this...   Meanwhile, Rachel and Phoebe go to a literature class together and Rachel doesn't read the book and steals Phoebe's ideas. Phoebe gets the last laugh on that and it is funny.   This one has lots of laugh-out moments. 

Ross's SandwichCredit: NBC Studios

The One That Could Have Been

A very fun off-the-wall two-part episode that is very entertaining.   What if people had chosen different paths?   What would have happened if Rachel married Barry,  Phoebe took a job as a stock broker, Ross's wife never realized she was a lesbian, Monica was still fat, Joey was still on Days of Our Lives, and if Chandler became a comedy writer.   How different would their lives have been?  Very different.     Such a different spin on things.  You'll enjoy seeing the major epic changes and how everyone does with them. 

The One That Could Have BeenCredit: NBC Studios

The One Where Ross Finds Out

This is a classic episode that could be seen as the Ross & Rachelle kiss episode.  Ross and his new girlfriend, Julie decide to get a cat together and this frustrates Rachel as she wants him to herself.   Trying to get her mind off of Ross she goes on a date but while on it drinks too much wine and obsesses over Ross and Julie.  Her date offers some advice that she's not really ready to move on until she has closure.  She completely buys into this advice and leaves Ross a message that she's over him.  Ross gets the message and is shocked and fights with Rachel until they make up later on.

The One Where Ross Finds OutCredit: NBC Studios

The One With Chandler In A Box

Joey is still peeved with Chandler for kissing his girlfriend, Kathy behind his back.   Trying to find a way to mend things with Joey, Chandler decides to spend Thanksgiving in a box to show how sorry he is.  At first he jokes around while in the box but then realizes he must take it seriously to show Joey how important their friend ship is to him.  After the act is complete, Joey is amazed at Chandler's gesture and forgives him.    Meanwhile, Ross is convinced that Rachel exchanges all of his gifts for her until he pushes the wrong button, upsets her and she proves him wrong.  

Chandler in a boxCredit: NBC Studios

The One With The Embryos

This one has some of the best funny moments of any episode.    Monica, Rachel, Chandler and Joey play a game of trivia on who knows the more about the other team.   Ross is the host in this and the stakes are the guys have to get rid of the chicken and duck if they lose and if they win they get the girls apartment.   As the game beings there are so many questions with hilarious results.   This is a do-not-miss episode.    

The One With EmbryosCredit: NBC Studios

The One With The Jellyfish

This one could be called the one with the letter...    Ross dumps his current newly bald girlfriend in favor of getting back with Rachel and it takes all night to do so.   Rachel agrees to get back together with Ross as long as he reads her letter and agrees that is does  (you'll see).   He tries to read it but falls asleep and when asked about it he fakes his way through her questions.    It's great when he finally realizes what the letter says and what the "does it" question means.   This episode has many great lines during the fight between Ross & Rachelle.  One memorable one is "(fake crying) fine by me!!!"  The other plot going on is Monica is stung by a jellyfish and Joey plans on peeing on it to deaden the pain.   He chickens out and Chandler is left with the dirty job.   All three of them refuse to talk about it at first and when they do present the story as if someone was murdered which is pretty interesting.  

The One With The JellyfishCredit: NBC Studios

The One Where Rachel Tells...

While Chandler and Monica are on their honeymoon, Rachel prepares Ross that he is the father.  Ross is surprised to hear that condoms are not 100% effective and instead of embracing the idea that he's the father, calls up and complains to the condom company.   While Chandler and Monica are away, Joey and Phoebe need to get into their apartment and discover nobody has the keys and they stage an emergency to get in there.  Once Ross finally comes to his senses about being the father, he finds Rachel at the hospital getting her ultrasound.   She can't see her baby in the ultrasound and begins crying about it.  

The One Where Rachel TellsCredit: NBC Studios

The One With The Prom Video

I think the majority of Friends fans want to see Ross and Rachel get back together and this episode gives them what they desire.   This episode has been rated one of the favorites of the entire show.   The main theme here is that Rachel is trying to move on and meet other people after Ross insulted her with the list.    Ross gets in the way of her flirting with other guys and tries to explain Phoebe's theory that Ross is Rachel's lobster and they are meant to be.    Meanwhile Joey who is now earning more money gives Chandler an expensive bracelet as a symbol of their friendship.   Chandler hates it and makes fun of it in the coffee shop and Joey overhears it and is none too pleased.   Monica's parents bring over some items they found in Monica's room including her prom video.   The gang is so excited to see this and watch it while Ross stews over what Rachel said earlier that day.   In the video Ross does a very compassionate thing for Rachel that she didn't know about at the time.   It shows how much he cares for her and she is so overcome by his gesture she walks over to him and kisses him passionately.    It's great to see them back together for the moment...   :-)

The One With PromCredit: NBC Studios

Hope you enjoyed this list...

If you get a chance, let me know what your favorite episodes are..