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The top ten fun things to do in the fall with your kids will create memories to last a lifetime. When school begins, family activities are limited to the weekend, so you want to make the most of your time together. These fun fall activities can be found anywhere in the country and will not cost an arm and a leg.

#1 Top Ten Fun Things to Do in the Fall With Your Kids

Go Apple Picking

Nothing says fall more than going apple picking on a crisp weekend morning. Many local farms have hayrides that will take you out to the orchard where the trees are full of apples. Since most kids get their apples from the supermarket, having them pick their own will be a delightful experience. Imagine picking an apple and then eating it as soon as it is in your hand. There is nothing fresher than that!

Apple PeelerCredit: AmazonWhen you get home, find some recipes to make some apple treats. You can make homemade apple sauce, candy apples, apple pie, apple cake or an apple crisp. Children tend to eat what they make, and you can try something new that they may have never tasted before.

You can take pictures of your day from start to finish and make a mini scrapbook together.

#2 Top Ten Fun Things to Do in the Fall With Your Kids

Go Pumpkin Picking

When October begins, children’s minds focused on Halloween. One popular Halloween symbol is a jack-o-lantern. Sure, you can get a pumpkin in the grocery store or a produce stand, but it is not the same as the fun fall activity of going to the pumpkin patch and picking your own pumpkin.

When you get to the farm, buy one pumpkin per child to carve right before Halloween and one to be used that day for carving.

After you get home with your pumpkins, the kids can draw faces on their pumpkins with washable markers or washable paints. The extra pumpkin you bought is to extend this fun fall activity for kids. Cut off the top of the pumpkin and have the kids put their hands on the inside to feel the guts. Have them help take out the pumpkin seeds and then rinse them off.

Find a recipe for roasting the seeds and when they are done, eat them with some hot apple cider while watching the animated classic “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!”.

#3 Top Ten Fun Things to Do in the Fall With Your Kids

Go to a Fall Festival

In most of the country, fall is a time for festivals. Local Main Streets close themselves off to traffic and host crafters, entertainment, and lots of delicious food. Taking the kids to this fun fall activity is a great way to support local businesses if you choose to buy. If you do not want to make a purchase, simply walk around and take advantage of the fair’s free activities.

#4 Top Ten Fun Things to Do in the Fall With Your Kids

Go to a High School Football Game

The cost of attending a National Football League game is out of reach for many people. Even if you can afford a ticket, the price you will pay is more than a car payment.

Why not support your local high school and attend one of their Friday night games? The kids can sleep in on Saturday and you can help develop a team spirit for their future high school.

#5 Top Ten Fun Things to Do in the Fall With Your Kids

Play with Leaves

Those lovely green leaves that provided you with shade in the summer eventually turn colors and fall to the ground. There are many fun fall activities you can do with leaves. Rake them up and then jump into the piles. Collect them and make collages or turn it into a leaf book. You can also make leaf rubbings on white wrapping paper and created your own unique designs for gifts.

#6 Top Ten Fun Things to Do in the Fall With Your Kids

Go on a Hike

Because the air in fall is more temperate than in summer, it is the perfect time to take a nature hike. So you can just get up and go on this fun fall activity, pack the backpacks with your supplies and snacks the night before and set the kids clothes out. You can collect acorns, pretty rocks, pinecones and other things you find on the ground. When you get home, put them in an empty glass jar. This can be a keepsake of your fun family hike.

#7 Top Ten Fun Things to Do in the Fall With Your Kids

Camp in the Backyard

Coleman SunDome 9- by 7- Foot Four- Person Dome Tent (Orange/Grey)Credit: Amazon.comBackyard camping is the perfect solution for those who do not like camping, but have kids who do. You have access to life’s amenities, and if the weather does not cooperate, you can go into your warm and dry house.

Backyard camping does need to be planned so the kids do not get bored and start trouble. When it is light outside, plan on some scavenger hunt games or relay races to tire the kids out. When it is dark, make a small fire and roast marshmallows or make smores. Tell a story or sing some songs around the campfire and then try to get some sleep.

#8 Top Ten Fun Things to Do in the Fall With Your Kids

Decorate Your House for Fall

Even if you do not like to decorate for Halloween, you can still decorate for fall and it will last until Thanksgiving. For this fun fall activity, your kids can go to the nursery with you and help you pick out mums to plant around the front yard. While you are there, you can get a bale of hay and some cornstalks. Buy some festive autumnal ribbons an your house will be set for the fall season.

While you are planting mums, don’t forget to plant your bulbs for spring!

#9 Top Ten Fun Things to Do in the Fall With Your Kids

Have a Picnic by The Fireplace

As the days grow chillier and shorter, there is less time to be outdoors for fall family fun. Why not have some fun indoors? If you have a fireplace, why not have a picnic dinner right on the living room floor. Spread out a blanket, like you would outside, and make a picnic dinner that you can eat easily, like hot dogs and French fries. Dim the lights and eat by the light of the fire.

To make it extra special, bake a special treat with the kids for a yummy dessert.

#10 Top Ten Fun Things to Do in the Fall With Your Kids

Make a Scarecrow

Making a scarecrow is both an indoor and outdoor fall activity to do with your kids. You can make the scarecrow and stuff him indoors, and then decide where to put it outdoors. You can make a whole family of scarecrows-one for each member!

These top ten things to do in the fall with your kids will keep you busier than ever. Don’t forget to bring the camera!