These toys will be enjoyed for years to come.

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1. Sand Table - Young children find sand irresistable.  Although a bit pricey, this table will be used everyday.  As time passes interests may change, but kids will adapt their play at the table to their new interests.  Our sand table went through farm, trains, dinosaurs, superheros, and everything in between, years and years of use.  What is important about this table is the cover.  This keeps the sand clean and safe for handling.  You may want to add something that can carry and add water to the sand.  Kids enjoy learning about the best ratio of sand and water to create sand castles, pies, volcanos and anything else they can think of.

2. Pup Tent - Kids love to have a place of their own. Tents give them a special place to hide, read books, play with a flashlight and a myrid of other options.  Make sure to get the kind of tent they can use outside or inside.  I recommend getting a real tent, one that is constructed for actual camping so that it is strong enough to stand up to the elements in nature.  This sturdier construction is a better choice in the long run.

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3. Child-Sized Table and Chairs - Children will gravitate to furniture that is adapted to their size.  A child-sized table and chairs can be used for play or schoolwork all year-long.  Children will use it for years to come.  Make sure to get a set that you can clean easily.  If the children will be playing with crayons, markers and glue make sure those materials can be wiped off the table in case of mistakes or spills.

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4.  Aquaplay Set - As children love playing with sand, they will also play with water for hours as well.  If you live in an area that prevents you from going outside in the winter, then this is a good toy to have on a cold day outside.  Aquaplay makes a few good sets of toys, all along the same theme.  You do have to assemble the set, but once assembled your children will take over.  If your family really enjoys Aquaplay, the sets are expandable and you can just add onto whatever set you already have.  One excellent education side to these sets is the concept of a lock in a canal system.  When I got my first Aquaplay set I was suprised by the amount of focus and attention kids use with the water system they create.  I have found that kids, ages 1-5ish, will spend a tremendous amount of time playing with the water in these Aquplaysets and will quickly add their own favorite toys to the mix.

5.  A Wagon - Children, wherever they are, will find things to pick up and want to save their treasures.  A small wagon, suitable for outside use is best for this and other purposes.  Make sure the wagon is light and easy to turn so that the child can pull it.  If they like it, the child will want to take it everywhere.  You can use it to pull the child when they get tired.

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