Where to find Ghosts in New York

     Throughout history there have been tales told of houses, landmarks, cemeteries and other buildings which have been haunted. Most, if not all of these have a history of their own where people who lived there and died there at any point in time despite passing on still remain. They are unable to let go, forever entrapped in purgatory unable to cross over to the other side. No matter where one goes, there will always be at least one local ghost story whether or not its well known. Death is after all, everywhere. There is no way to stop it, but not all death is natural or benevolent in nature. 

      Mysterious deaths and those involving foul play seem to be the most likely of spirits to remain. That or the spirits of humans and creatures so evil cannot leave and continue their so called work even in their afterlife. 

      Yes there are skeptics who don't believe in the paranormal, the supernatural. Yet there are so many unexplained things in the world that its best to keep an open mind least one find themselves in peril at one of the hot spots of ghostly activity.

     New York State

     There are several haunted houses and areas within the state of New York itself. One only has to dig a little to find out about all of them. Usually one requires permission from the owners or caretakers to even set foot on the properties of which there are urban legends of paranormal activity and sightings of ghosts. Every county has its ghosts, particularly the older villages, towns and cities. No place is left without at least one spirit, especially as time continues forward and old life gives way to new.

     If a place doesn't have a ghost, it may be too knew or the ghosts simply don't wish to be noticed.

     Now here is a list of the top ten haunted places in new york state to check out. It is advised that one never go alone, skeptic or not. It is after all a better bet to be safe than to be sorry and wind up another lost soul to forever haunt the Earth in the spot ones life ended. Not that ghosts are malicious, but some may well be, for both good and evil exist in life and so no doubt exists in the hereafter as well.

 10. Sweet Hollow Road's Lady in White

       One of the best places to go for a hauntingly good time is in Huntington, New York along Sweet Hallow Road. It is also a road which leads to Mount Misery. It is here that more than one ghost supposedly haunts the area. Some of the tales which are told have no town record. Records going back decades however may not have survived if there was any incidents particularly a fire at a time before computers were used for keeping files.

     There are perhaps only two out of a handful of urban legends of those whom died on Sweet Hallow Road which do have town records. One of them is quite infamous, that of the white lady whose name was Mary.

     The story, and there are a couple different versions which differ slightly, is that a woman named Mary was being driven along the road by her boyfriend. The story states that she and her boyfriend had gotten into an argument. Mary's boyfriend may have either pushed her out of the car or that she herself jumped out. This was not the cause of her death, but it came soon afterward. For a car which had been following, hit her, which killed her.         The tales say, that if one is driving down Sweet Hallow Road at night, one might see the supernatural apparition of the lady in white on the side of the road. Then when you go to pass her, she'll jump out at your car. It is believed that the lady in white is supposed to be Mary from Mary's grave. It is said that one can find her headstone on Sweet Hallow Road in the graveyard found there. The stone only reads Mary, supposedly no last name was ever given.

 9. Stony Brook, Long Island and the Ghost of the Country House Restaurant

     There is a ghost which haunts the Country House Restaurant in Stony Brook, Long Island. The ghost is believed to be one mischievous Annette Wislon. Annette Wilson's grave is believed to be located somewhere on the property. The Country House Restaurant found in Stony Brook was built back in the year 1710. There are instances of paranormal activity where items will float or water will be tossed at someone from a glass in midair. No one has suffered anything more than a bit of a prank from the deceased, but not everyone gets to enjoy the talents of the supernatural at Stony Brook.[3]

8. Elmira College Dormitory, Cowles Hall in Elmira, New York

      Ah, Elmira a town rich in history if one looks back in time to who was born and who died there. Some call it Mark Twain Country. Hal E. Roach is also mentioned on some small sign near Woodlawn National Cemetery located at 1825 Davis Street, Elmira New York. However it is not the cemetery which has any supernatural activity. Despite it being a cemetery there has been no known reports of paranormal happenings there.

       However, Elmira College is, located on 1 Park Place, Elmira New York. The first of its buildings was Cowles Hall which was built in the year 1855. Cowles Hall happens to be the site where most of the supernatural activity occurs on the college's grounds.[4]

      Cowles Hall was built architecturally into two parts. Each part has a different supernatural presence. It is believed that the first section of the building built is the evil side, whereas the addition on the backside of the building is the good side.


      The paranormal presence is believed to be a result of Cowles Hall being built on a section of land where executions once took place during the colonial era.

      There are many other reasons why so much supernatural activity can be felt, if not seen and heard at Cowles Hall. The top floor of the building was once used as an infirmary where people departed this life for the hereafter.

     The building may feel cold where a ghost is hoovering and Cowles Hall and the building connected to it, Fasset oft feel suspiciously cold in spots, even on warm days. Even workers there feel it, be they housekeeping temps or regular housekeepers and groundsmen. While many may not believe in ghosts, there is enough suspicion and superstition among the college's employees and the college's students that none really dare be alone for long in the place.

 7. The old man at Beggs House in Smithtown

       They say that an old man who had either once visited or once lived in Beggs House was murdered there. People say that since then, his restless spirit wanders about on every floor of the mansion. There are four floors to the mansion. Some say that police have been getting calls about the place for years. Many speculate that it is all a bunch of nonsense, for whomever goes in, never comes out. If it's true, perhaps they should think about burning down Beggs House or finding someone to exercise the ghost. For if it really is true, this is one unfriendly ghost.

 6. The Little Boy at St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox School in Queens County, Jamaica, New York

      Sometime ago a boy of the school was supposedly hung, still wearing the schools uniform. The uniform consisted of a white shirt with a navy blue tie. The pants matched the color of the tie. He was a young boy and hadn't gotten to see much of life and instead in death had seen its horrors. With a priest which vanished shortly after the boy went missing it can be assumed that the priest may have had something to do with the hanging. Possibly. There are people who believe the young boy still walks the basement hallways of the school, said to have a rope tied around his neck. Those who believe they've seen him say you can still see him walking the halls at a slow pace. There has been no mention of anyone harmed since by the spirit who continues to walk the hallways.

 5. A dangerous intersection in Oswego in the hamlet of Scriba: Rt. 104 and Klocks Corners Intersection

       Klocks Corner Road is named after Jermiah Klock. Scriba is a hamlet which is located within route 104 and creamery road.

     This intersection is dangerous, as indicated by the many lost lives of those trying to pull out of it. There is a big hill and only a two way stop. While the speed limit is 45, there are those people who will go beyond it irregardless of how unsafe speeding is, particularly in a dangerous spot. Perhaps the route should have been rethought, or had police stationed there.

    Since the intersections construction, notably a poorly planned intersection if the number of car crashes and pedestrians deaths is any indication.

    Diagonal to the intersection there exists a graveyard. People have reported seeing ghosts walking about on the street and sometimes even in the middle of it. Perhaps they are a warning as they have been said to appear to be looking back and forth as if they were looking out for traffic.

 4. Lake Ronkonkoma of Long Island, New York

       Lake Ronkonkoma is said to be cursed, for every year there is at least one drowning. There are those who believe the lake to be bottomless, but that is but a myth. However there is still debate among believers in the paranormal and those who don't that the lake is indeed cursed. There are a couple of legends surrounding the lake which goes back to the time when Native Americans were more prominent in the area.

      One of the known legends involves a  Setauket Sachem Native American whom was not allowed to marry the one he loved from another tribe. When he was denied permission, he got into his canoe and paddled to the middle of Lake Ronkonkoma where he took a knife to his heart, committing suicide. Perhaps he and his love should have found a way to be together and run away, but it would no doubt have been difficult to survive with just the two of them alone, back then.


Lake Ronkonkoma

     There's also another legend connected to the lake. It involves another Native American. A beautiful princess. She was forbade to marry her pale faced lover and she too took a canoe out onto the lake, where she was later found dead by her lover. It is said that he himself got into the canoe with her and then was swept away, never to be seen again.

     These Native Americans as well as any others whom drowned in Lake Ronkonoma are believed to haunt the lake as well as the surrounding area.

     The ghosts may or may not be hostile, but its still thought by some that the lake is indeed cursed, particularly those who may have lost a loved one in the lake. Which for those who are skeptic might come to the conclusion that maybe theres a serial killer, or more than one killer who might use drowning in the lake as an excuse if the bodies are unlikely to be found. There's also speculation that there might be a secret underwater Connection that runs for miles due to the lakes mysterious rising and lowering.

 3. Hidden Valley 4-H Camp in Watkins Glen, New York

        There was a large flat clearing in the woods where the campers used to camp back when the camp first opened up. Unfortunately that clearing was close to a steep hill which had about an eighty degree angle. At the bottom of that hill was a large creek. This hill was only within ten to fifteen feet of the area where the campers used to sleep.

       Unfortunately for one boy named Riley, he was found at the bottom of the hill in the creek one morning after a camp-out.

       It was believed that he had sleep walked to the fall which killed him. Maybe the fall alone hadn't, but falling into the creek could have caused him to drown or developed hypothermia and no one was aware. That is, if it was an accident at all. It probably was, but its not known if he was known for sleep walking. It could even have been a dare between a group of the campers. Maybe he woke up and had to use the bathroom and walked too far in the wrong direction.

      Whatever the case may be, after that incident, the place where he died, a healthy cluster of trees started to grow in one knot like a tree. Those who see the tree say it resembles a throne. Yet they say its weird, for the part one would sit on appears to be in the shape of a face. Some think it is the devils throne. Maybe though its the face of the boy who died there.

 2. New York State Environmentally Preserved Land in Wyoming County

       The New York State Environmentally Preserved Land in Wyoming County is a woodland of approximately one-hundred acres. It can be found on the northern boundary of Wyoming County, however it was sectioned off by the state so that it could be preserved in its original ecological state. While it is a park, the only things which have been added to it are some horse trails and dirt roads for visitors and campers.

      While it is supposedly safe, due to the supernatural activity that some believe goes on there, it might not be quite as safe as it is to be believed. For there have been reports that campers, hikers and trail riders have seen the ghosts of something which happened sometime ago in the areas past. Many say that what they think they've seen is an apparition of Native Americans being massacred.

      There has been no report as far as anyone is aware of anyone being maliciously attacked by those whom may have been massacred, but a massacre is a violent and tragic death. Violent and tragic deaths usually lead to upset spirits who may want revenge on those who took their lives, or on trespasser near the place where they took their final breath of life.

      Due to the reports of people taking note that once a year during the summer months they see residents of the local Indian reservation will visit the park and disappear into the woods until the next morning. Perhaps they are visiting with their ancestors, or maybe it is a right of passage for the young moving into adulthood. Whichever the case, it is highly suspicious, leading one toward the assumption that the area must at one time have indeed been a spot of massacre and the survivors who may have ancestors living in the neighboring Indian Reservation simply go there to pay their respects to their deceased.

 1. Pinewood Cemetery in Troy, New York

        Pine Wood Cemetery is actually Forest Park Cemetery located in Troy, New York. It is more than just the most haunted place in New York, but on the top ten list of haunted locations country wide. It was once thought to be  a deserted cemetery for no new bodies had been buried there.[2] However in 2004 for there was. Perhaps it had just been awhile since a body had been buried there, or whomever originally put the information up about it had gotten their facts a bit wrong.

       Although there may have been newer graves, the fact remains that there are those who say they've spotted ghosts there. Those whom have taken photos their have come up with strange things in their developed photos, some of which have wound up in  newspapers locally.

      There is mention that a so called renowned psychic has said that the site of the cemetery was built on a Native American burial ground. The psychic also mentioned that the spiritual activity was unfriendly far more turbulent and malicious. Burial grounds are sacred, perhaps it stirred a nest of Native American spirits who didn't like that others not of their race or even of their tribe were being buried there, on top of them.

      There is also speculation that the site is a possible Gateway to Hell.

The True Number of Haunted Sites in New York State 

      There are many more haunted sites in the state of New York, but if one is interested in the supernatural the top ten to check out, first are those mentioned above. Instead of trying to figure out out of the nearly five hundred spots which to begin with, the places to start have been provided. The top ten haunted places in New York State will surely  have even the most skeptical wondering after a visit or two to each spot, if maybe, just maybe there actually are spirits wandering among us.

     Remember however that many haunted places have been closed to the public and in order to investigate or hold a haunted weekend one will need to obtain permission of the owners, city or state depending on the status of each site. May everyone enjoy happy hauntings and for ghost hunters in particular may they find something worthwhile to document.

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