Where to Look for Paranormal Activity in Pennsylvania

     Who doesn't just love a good old-fashioned scare? It gets the adrenaline pumping and has been known to stop hiccups in their tracks. And, just thinking about haunted places gets some peoples feeling a shiver along their spine as if a ghost had literally walked over their grave. Although, admittedly, not everyone likes the bit of a thrill that being startled or frightened can give them.


Chills and Thrills from the SupernaturalCredit: Jluxford.commons at wikimedia commonsNot everyone wants to get that thrill, or the chills through discovering or visiting a place which is haunted. But, for those interested in haunted places, or haunted houses, then they'll want to know a bit more about some of the top haunted areas. Particularly for those specifically looking to find the top 10 most haunted places in Pennsylvania to visit out of the 676[10] or so haunted places in Pennsylvania. It may even have more haunted places than its neighbor, New York.


Pennsylvania, USA

Haunted in Pennsylvania
Credit: Doug Kerr on flickr as seen on wikimedia commons

10. Mansfield, Pennsylvania, USA

The Internet Cafe

 Internet CafeCredit: Mino mu as seen on wikimedia commons     One of the eerie locations within the state of Pennsylvania is an Internet Cafe in Mansfield. While it may not have as gruesome a history as some of the haunted sights found within this list, it has still experienced a visit from someone who passed away inside. This visitor to the Internet Cafe was evidently named Ed. If one could play EverQuest to death and beyond, Ed could and that's exactly what he did. And after kicking the bucket while playing the game some people report that they still see him playing EverQuest even though he no longer has a corporal body. 

     After the event, not because of the death that happened, but because Ed the ever EverQuest player still can't seem to get enough of the game, the Internet Cafe lost a lot of business. But, perhaps this is but an echo left and not truly a ghost, but an event that will forever replay - at least so long as the Internet Cafe remains.

9. Laurel Hall & Oak Hall in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

The Area Between the Halls

 University of PittsburghCredit: As seen on wikimedia commons     Another of the places to visit in Pennsylvania for those looking for a thrill, or to track down ghosts is in Pittsburg. The Laurel Hall and Oak Hall's at the University of Pittsburg is so frightening at night to people that they do not wish to cross the distance between them. Certainly not alone or at night. And who could blame them once one has learned of the history of the land upon which the halls stand. "Oak and Laurel were supposedly built on an Indian burial ground."[1]

     Perhaps the fear of places built on Indian burial grounds would not be so prevalent if people did not believe that everything to do with said Indians were mystical.[2]

8. Indiantown Gap, Lebanon County, Pennsylvania, USA

Hotel Road

Indiantown Gap CemeteryCredit: Jim.henderson on wikimedia commons          Yet another of the haunted places in Pennsylvania to visit is Hotel Road in Indiantown Gap, Lebanon County. Perhaps the history associated with Hotel Road would make an interesting horror story. And that history would be that a woman whose husband fell ill and died, while in mourning, forgot to switch the tracks for an oncoming train, causing the death of 250.

      Not long after the incident, did the towns people go looking for her with the intent to lynch her for not doing her job. But, what they found was only her remains, for she had flung herself in front of a train. And ever since her death where the train wreck took place, they can hear the whistle of the train. They will also see a woman holding a lantern. She is believed to be the woman who'd forgotten to do her job and looks to be searching for the train she had in life, once lost.

     What is most frightening of all, is that, if she sees someone, she will rish toward them and, if she passes through them, they will die in a car accident wherein it  will look as though they'd been hit by a train.[3]

7. Millcreek, Erie County, Pennsylvania, USA

Axe Murder Hollow

 Millcreek Township Sign wherein lies Axe Murder HollowCredit: Dasandman008 as seen on wikimedia commons    With a name like Axe Murder Hollow, who wouldn't be afraid of the area despite it having been bought up to build a sub-division in Millcreek, PA. Will the sub-division come to fruition, or has it already? Will people be drawn to the place for the ghostly tales, or will they be too frightened to move in or shop in the area known as Axe Murder Hollow?

      There is more than one legend about the area that others believe it haunted, but while none have been proven true, there are days people are reluctant to go near or even investigate. And of course, these legends all have to do with a murder with an axe. There are three which are the most common.

     One of the legends go that the wife of one man was having an affair with his brother. The husband, after discovering this affair, then took the lives of both his wife and brother with an axe.

     Another of the tales spun, true or not, is that the wife was having an affair with a farm hand, that or paying too much attention to him in the eyes of her jealous husband. Thus, the husband took her life with an axe as well as the farm hands. Sometimes this story is altered to include slaughtered children and the husband also taking his own life.

     And the third is that instead of the husband, it was the wife who took an axe to her husband and their children - though there was no mention of infidelity.

     There are those who remain skeptical that a murder ever took place in the house, which before the information on the sub-division, still had parts of it standing. And if the murder did occur, some speculate that it must have taken place in the late 1800's or early 1900's.

      But, what can explain the lack of sound coming from birds that surely could have made their nests in the trees of Axe Murder Hollow?[4]

     If not for it becoming a sub-division, it might have been one of the great haunted attractions in PA.

6. Garrettford Elementary School in Drexel, PA, USA

What happened to the little critters?

Wawa StoreCredit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/genericbrandproductions/4458908308/      Another of the top 10 most haunted places in Pennsylvania is near the elementary school, Garrettford in Drexel. This is because, long before the elementary school was built, the grounds nearby where now stands a WAWA store was a prisoners holding house. It is believed that these prisoners were oft mistreated, beaten and some even murdered.

     There was a time, before the WAWA was built, that there were people who claimed they'd seen the ghosts of those long ago prisoners. But what was far more eerie, was that on one summer day after a full moon, all the birds and squirrles were found dead that lived in the surrounding trees. And the reason remains a mystery to this day as to what had caused their death.[5]

5. Strayer College in Bensalem, Pennsylvania, USA

The former Eastern State School and Hospital

Bensalem Pennsylvania ariel viewCredit: Ken Lund on flickr     Strayer College in Bensalem is the former Eastern State School and hospital. Unfortunately there is talk of the patients there that were unfairly treated. And not only were patients treated unfairly, but some of them got killed. It is always disheartening to hear of a place that should, be safe and help one turns out a place of horrors for those who'd been a patient there. And thus why, because of the killings there, that's thought a haunted place.[6]

     If not for it being turned into a college, the area could have been one Pennsylvania tourist attractions among a list of places to visit. Certainly, it would have been a place to attract those interested in the paranormal.

     What is the most frightening about this haunted place to visit in pennsylvania, if one can visit it, or is part of the college is the fourth floor.[6] Its a mysterious floor, which is rumored to be life threatening and the most haunted of all. Perhaps it is just rumor, perhaps not.

4. Weatherly Cemetery in Weatherly, PA, USA

Haunted Cemetery of Weatherly, Pennsylvania

Highlighted area of Carbon County wherein Weatherly is locatedCredit: Derek Ramsey (Ram-Man) (from U.S. Census Bureau source) as seen on wikimedia commons     Weatherly Cemetery is another of the top 10 most haunted places in Pennsylvania, but that does not mean one should trespass without permission. One should never trespass, for some haunted places are off limitis. But, there is no harm in asking if one cannot find out if visiting is aloud or not. But, if Weatherly wished to, they could make money by turning the Weatherly Cemetary into one of the pennsylvania tourist attractions - even if it meant people couldn't go inside. There are plenty of people interested in the paranormal and history. Surely, Supernatural fans would enjoy a ghost tour in the state of Pennsylvania or across the lower 48.

     Legends abound around Weatherly Cemetery that have to do with hauntings by evil souls which were buried there, unblessed. But there are yet more, "records of devil worship and cannibalism take place under the fog on the cemetery grounds at dusk."[7]

     It is most unfortunate that the Cemetery has fallen victim to vandals quite often looking to see spirits.[8] Perhaps this could be changed if it were turned into a tourist attraction with security guards, tour guides and a little shop for tourists to purchase souviners. This way there is hopefully always someone watching out to make sure the place is no longer vandalised and kept clean. But, would there be anyone willing to take on the task, particularly at night, when the place is thought haunted?

A Look at Weatherly Cemetary

3. Sugar Valley, Pennsylvania, USA

The Haunted Sugar Valley

     All of Sugar Valley is one of the haunted places in Pennsylvania to visit. It's rumored that the entire area is, haunted. It's a wonder it even has inhabitants, then again, there are those drawn to the supernatural. Because of it having so many paranormal cold hot spots, it really is worth checking out.

       There is more than one haunted house from the information garnered, although which houses those are remain to be seen. Perhaps this is due to privacy of the owners so that people don't go poking around.

     One area of note in the Sugar Valley, is in the Loganton on top of the hill in the woods where an evil demon is said to reside. He has a limestone face and is a malevolent spirit. Others warn that one should never try to visit him alone.

      In Sugar Valley, Hollobaugh Road and The Sugar Valley Elementary School are also of note when it comes to areas filled with paranormal activity.

       Hollobaugh Road, because of a menacing presence near the small church and cemetery there. And The Sugar Valley Elementary Schools' gym and stage area, because of unexplained sounds, things moving on their own, and feelings.[11]

A Silent Drive through Sugar Valley, Pennsylvania

2. Grove City College in Grove City, PA, USA

Mary Anderson Pew

 Grove City CollegeCredit: by paulhami on flickr    The number two place to visit in Pennsylvania for a thrill, as long as one has gone through the proper procedures, if there are any, is Grove City College. The college is in Grove City, PA. While there mightn't be as many ghosts as some of the aforementioned haunted sights, it is far more eerie. This, because of the demon spirit.

     There once was a girl who was, taken, or possessed by an evil spirit, a demon. And following this, the girl was, persuaded by the demon spirit to take her own life. While afterwards an exorcism was, attempted, it did not rid the area of the evils presence. Because the priest failed to exorcise the demon entity, he instead confined the evil to the room and that is why it is forever locked. He did this so that the evil presence would, henceforth be unable to gain another vessel.

     Some claim, that at night, they can see the spirit of the girl walking the hallways. Not only that, but what is more disconcerting, is they say that they can also hear scratching on the wall as well as sounds coming from inside the locked room.[11]

1. Farnsworth House Inn in Gettysburg, PA, USA

An Inn with a 150 bullet scar history on one side

Side of Farnsworth House Inn where at least 150 bullet scars are foundCredit: Pretty Poo Eater on flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/littlelovemonster/2596814712/     Now, for the moment you've all been waiting for, the unveiling of the number one haunted place in Pennsylvania out of the top 10 most haunted places in Pennsylvania. And, ghoulish howls please, it is Farnsworth House in Gettysburg, PA.

      Of course, all of Gettysburg, is haunted. A battle took place there where many brave soldiers lost their lives. The Battle of Gettysburg took place between July 1st and July 3rd in 1863 between Union and Confederate soldiers during the American Civil War. There was a greater death toll and seriously injured toll than any of the other battles which took place during the Civil War.[12] And thus the many apparitions and legends of the supernatural activity.

     But, instead of concentrating on the entirety of Gettysburg, Farnsworth House Inn, is of note, because it's believed to have been a Confederate stronghold. The Confederate sharpshooters would pick off the Union soldiers and in one case, a civilian.

     The Inn, is haunted by no less than fourteen ghosts. None as yet have appeared hostile, although some are distraught. There's a ghost of a little boy on the property who was, said to have been killed by a horse and carriage, his distraught father is sometimes seen. Others claim to have seen no less than three Civil War soldiers. And, the main ghost, Mary is a comforter.[13] Whether or not these are all real, one can only speculate, due to the Mourning Theatre storytellers. But, some storytellers do tell tales of truth not just fictional gobbledygook.

      One thing is certain, because of its history and location, there could very well be a bit of paranormal activity going on at Farnsworth House Inn.

      Gettysburg is not just worth a visit to for its historical reenactment of the Battle of Gettysburg, but for the supernatural events and feelings which take place in and around it. It is the greatest of places to visit in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. For those not interested in the reenactments, they might be interested instead, because it is number one of the top 10 most haunted places in Pennsylvania.