Top Ten Health Care Myths: Part 1 of 3

Writing in the 02/10 issue of Forbes magazine, Yale cardiologist Harlan Krumholz notes that, while he wants to believe in the good intentions of the drug industry, the actions of companies such as GlaxoSmithKline continue to disappoint him. He said, "I want to believe that people in these companies believe that the best strategy for success is to do what is best for patients."

In his article cited in the Spotlight section above, Krumholz calls for an end to secrecy and intimidation in drug research. He calls for all studies conducted on a drug to be made public for independent review once that drug secures FDA approval. He calls for an end to company interference in the studies they finance, and an end to intimidation of academics who question drugs' safety. We applaud his actions.

Now if they were only looking for the cause of health...

Traditional approaches to health care, like so-called "modern" medicine really has very little to do with health or caring since it is a sickness handling system or model. In fact, calling medicine health care when it is indeed sick care may actually be part of the problem.

Now, don't take this the wrong way. When it comes to emergencies and critical care, medicine is a great way to go. But, we're talking health and health care now. The problem is that medicine has referred to itself as healthcare for so long that it has produced and ingrained system of medical mythology that continues to profit from the continuation of sickness and disease.

So let's get started with the TOP 10 Medical Myths as promoted by mainstream medicine:

Myth #1 – MD's are health experts
MD's don't study health and are taught little if anything about wellness or disease prevention. MD's study disease and they are smart people that know a lot about disease…but, very little about health.

Myth #2 – You have no influence over your own health or healing
MD's, drug companies and "health" experts want you to believe that your health is a result of their treatment. If you accept that as true, you have virtually no role in your own health or healing. Unfortunately, many people have accepted that belief and find themselves at the mercy of the doctors, drugs and hospitals.
Yet, the healthiest among us have made lifestyle choices that promote health!

Myth #3 – Drugs prevent disease
Drugs do not prevent disease and drugs are not vitamins. Drugs, at best, help make people comfortable and manage symptoms but do not prevent disease…never have. Today, the drug makers are recommending drugs for healthy people to try and prevent health problems.

And, add to this the major Ad campaigns run by the drug makers to try and influence you that you SHOULD be taking something.

Quote of the Year!
Dr. Anthony Morris, distinguished virologist and former Chief Vaccine Office at the FDA said this, "there is no evidence that any influenza vaccine thus far developed is effective in preventing or mitigating any attack of influenza" and goes on to say, "The producers of these vaccines know they are worthless, but they go on selling them anyway."

Seems the flu shot is another medical myth worth noting. According to Dr. Gary Null of the Progressive Radio Network, if the government insists on submitting the American population to a vaccine with a higher risk of adverse effects than its demonstrated effectiveness in preventing the flu, "We will have entered a new medical twilight zone, where true science, responsible medical practice, and reliable public health become virtually nonexistent." Wow!