It isn’t easy to eat healthy on the road. Use this quick list to help you find the best healthy road trip snacks.

1. Trail Mix
The great thing about trail mix is that you can use so many different components to make this healthy road trip snack. Try using the following ingredients for just the right mix: almonds,  peanuts, dried cranberries, chocolate chips, dried banana chips, walnuts, dried apples, dried pineapple, dried mango, dried blueberries. The list goes on and on. And, of course, you can use pre-made trail mix. Keep in mind though, if you choose pre-made trail mix  for your healthy road trip snack, you’ll pay two to three times more than if you make it yourself.

2. Granola Bars

Granola BarCredit: Stef Noble

The only knock on granola bars is that they tend to dry out your mouth so you’ll need something to drink. Other than that it is like trail mix that is easier to eat. If you are particular about the ingredients in your granola bars then I suggest making your own. Get some brown rice syrup and find a recipe online that sounds good. For a healthy road trip snack, homemade granola bars (or store bought) is a great option. Just remember to pack a little extra water.

3. Healthy Chips
Sun Chips are the most popular version of ‘healthy chips’ but for many these are over-salted and too oily. Other options include sweet potato chips and Terra chips. Terra chips are a vegetable chip made largely from root vegetables. They’re all great and an excellent healthy road trip snack. If you are seeking a completely uncooked healthy chip variety then try taking some banana chips on your next road trip.

4. Sandwiches
Sammies are a healthy road trip snack that takes a bit of prep but is well worth the time. I find that when I make sandwiches for a road trip I spend most of the trip trying to keep from eating it too soon. Remember to really church it up: add lettuce and all the fixins’, and if you’re into it  throw some healthy chips on that sandwich. You might want to avoid peanut butter and jelly (or at least limit the amount of jelly) so you don’t have to deal with soggy bread.

5. Jerky
There is a common misconception that jerky is unhealthy. The truth is most jerky is unhealthy. With a little searching though, you can find some very healthy jerky for your road trip. When buying jerky for a healthy road trip snack be sure to check the ingredients label. Make sure that there are a limited number of ingredients, including all natural seasonings. Trader Joes has a healthy turkey jerky option so check that out if you are seeking a healthy jerky option.

6. Dried Mango
Mangoes are one of the most flavorful fruits around. They are pretty messy to eat so for a healthy road trip snack find dried mango in the snack aisle. You can typically find spicy dried mango as well. It is very chewy and delicious. You don’t lose much nutrition through drying mango which makes it an excellent healthy road trip snack.

7. Fruit Leather
Fruit leather goes by many different names but it is pretty basic: dried fruit made into a bar. You can find it in many different supermarkets and specialty stores. Be sure to identify the most natural version of fruit leather: that with the fewest ingredients. It is typically easy to find fruit leather made with only fruit and sometimes citric acid added as a preservative.

8. Apples
It sounds so simple but apples are a fantastic healthy road trip snack choice. I recommend getting a few different varieties of apples. Slice them thin before the trip so you can just pull them out of the bag and go. Mostly, apples are a delicious addition to another road trip food.

9. Healthy Wraps
Wraps take a bit of prep but they provide a much more substantial healthy road trip snack than most other choices. Be sure to find organic, healthy ingredients when shopping for healthy wraps: organic whole wheat wraps, organic veggies sliced thin, organic hummus for spread, and real cheese.

10. Dehydrated Green Beans
It may sound odd but these are awesome. They are used primarily for salads but taste great by themselves. I find that they have just the right amount of salt. Be sure to make a distinction between dehydrated and dried green beans. The dehydrated varieties are much lighter and very crispy. These constitute a much lighter healthy road trip snack.

Did I forget any snacks? Add your own favorites in the comments. Use this as you master list for healthy road trip snacks.