So, you've been using your Apple device for awhile, be it the iPhone 4, 4S, 5, or the iPod Touch. These devices come with a broswer called Safari by default. While Safari works fine, there are many, many alternatives out there that are significantly faster than Safari when it comes to browsing the internet. Let's take a look, shall we?

*Please note than all tests were performed by me, using a service called Mobile Speed Test, on a 3G network connection. The test I performed was the 100KB speed test. You will more than likely experience different results if you perform the test yourself, but how well the browsers perform compared to each other remains the same.

10. Atomic 

Atomic was the slowest, coming in at am embarassing 218.5 kbps (kilobytes per second). This is actually slower than a 3G connection, which according to my carrier, is between 300 kbps and 700kbps, and therefore exceptionally poor. 

9. Apollo

Apollo was also extremely slow, clocking in at 299 kbps. This is still just shy of a 3G connection, so this is quite poor.

8. Google Chrome

Despite their reputation, Google's browser "Chrome" is significantly slower than I expected, measuring 315 kbps. You think that Google would be able to create a better product than this, but perhaps their focus is on other products right now.

7. Safari 

Seeing as this is the default browser for the iOS operating system, 377 kbps isn't so bad. It could be a lot faster though, but considering since Apple had to make a lot more than just a browser when the iPhone and iPod Touch was created (meaning that making a browser was probably not top priority), their score is pretty good.

6. Diigo 

377 kbps is the score for Diigo, which is exactly the same as Safari. This is fine, but personally I'd be trying to make a browser faster than Apple's if I was going to be competing with Apple...

5. Perfect Browser

Clocking in at 388 kbps, Perfect Browser (another paid browser) is just barely faster than Safari. Barely faster is better than not-at-all faster though, right?

4. Mercury

Mercury managed to score 412 kbps on the test, making it the fourth fastest browser available on the iOS platform that I was able to find. It's a shame though, I'm sure with a few small tweaks they could've received the bronze medal in iOS browser speeds.

3. 360

360 Browser Icon

The 360 browser was measured 437 kbps. Although it does have a confusing interface, this is the third fastest browser available (to the best of my knowledge). However, if you think this is fast, wait until you see the results for the remaining browsers on the list...

2. Puffin

Puffin Browser Icon

Puffin, another paid iOS browser, was the second fastest browser, coming in at 2649 kbps, absolutely destroying the third fastest browser. If you're willing to pay a few bucks to receive a super fast browser, then Puffin is a great choice... just not the best choice. 

1. Opera Mini

Opera Mini Icon

Opera is ridiculously fast, coming in at 8879 kbps. This is insanely fast; 23.6 times faster than Safari. Do you remember when scientists said they had discovered particles that move faster than the speed of light? Well that's pretty much how I felt after testing out Opera after Puffin. Keep in mind that Opera Mini is free, so if you want the absolute fastest browser for your phone out there, then please, pick Opera.


While these are the fastest browsers, that is not to say that they are the best browsers. Ease of use, interface, caching, synchronization with other products and services, and keyboard are all other things you'll want to consider. However, if you're like me, and you don't care how cool the browser looks, or how easy it is to type ".com", and you only want the fastest browser, then I hope this list has helped you.