On average golf cards don’t go for the kinds of inflated prices we see in other sports, such as football, baseball and even basketball; but there are some pretty expensive cards featuring the likes of Jack Nicklaus, Bobby Jones, Arnold Palmer, and of course Tiger Woods.

If you look on eBay the golf trading-cards market is dominated by Tiger Woods sets including some pretty hefty priced high end offerings. There are high end rookie and autographed card sets currently on auction at $175,000. Indeed, there are single trading-cards on eBay for $35,000 at the moment of drafting this content. There’s no doubt that the premium end of the card market is very expensive.

When it comes to the five to ten list in terms of value there are many cards that could feature. Value is a function of rarity and desirability. What something is worth is really down to what someone is willing to pay for it. The first five in this list are more debateable than the top five

No. 10: The SPGU Dual Tiger auto

No. 9: The Rare Buyback autos

No. 8: The 07 UD Goudey Sports Royalty autos with inscription,

No. 7: The 07 UD Goudey Sports Royalty auto

No. 6: The Exquisite auto with large RC patch and the ultimate collection auto

Let’s jump straight to the top five golf cards by value of all time where thing are perhaps a little more clear cut. This list may not exactly match your list but it certainly feature 5 of the highest value golf cards in the world.

No. 5: We have Gene Sarazen

The Gene Sarazen 1932 US Caramel PSA 8 costs around $5,400. This card may not have a household name on it but it is highly popular. Sarazen was influential in developing the sand wedge that we see today and is renowned for the shot he made at the 1935 Masters Tournament that was heard on the radio around the world. You of course have to have a high grade card to be able to attract the $5,000 + price tag, but this is certainly a high end entry to our list.

No. 4: We have Walter Hagen

Walter Hagen is undoubtedly one of the best golfers ever. He is in third place for the most majors only sitting behind Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods. The Goudey Sport Kings cards had a thicker manufactured card and therefore are easier to find in decent condition. Hagen indeed has a massive following and this is an very popular card. It comes in at around $7,700, and is a 1993 playing-card.

No. 3: We have Bobby Jones

The Bobby Jones 1933 GAI 8.5 comes in at $13,100. Some people believe that Bobby Jones was the greatest golfing genius ever. Again, these cards are Goudey Sport Kings similar to the card with Hagen featured. It is a similar style card to the Hagen card but perhaps a little bit more bold. One has actually sold for over $13, 000.

No. 2: We have surprise, surprise Bobby Jones again

The Bobby Jones 1932 SGC 96 is worth $41,500. The US Caramel cards are not as sturdy as some of the other cards and therefore they are most valuable when in high grade condition. If they are in this top level condition then you’ll be able to expect a massive windfall for selling one of these. This card is from 1932 and is a collector favourite.

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No. 1: We have Tiger Woods

The Tiger Woods 1996 Sports Illustrated For Kids PSA 10 sells for $125,000. Tiger Woods is perhaps the most famous sports person ever and certainly holds the position of the best paid athlete in the world at the moment. The PSA 10 level is extremely rare and this price is for mint condition of course. The PSA 8 and 9 go for less than a thousand dollars, and it really is only the top level 10’s that are worth the big bucks.

In 2001, one of these mint went for $125,000. The card was in fact a magazine insert rather than card. The perforated extraction from the magazine meant not many survived first contact. Some people speculate that the card could reach $500,000 if it came on to the market right now. Of course the damage to Tiger’s reputation over recent years may cause that valuation to be a little on the high side.

So there you have it, a look at the top five cards of golfers and a look at some others that could well make up the top ten. Gold cards are becoming increasingly collectable in the United States, Europe and Asia. Prices of the top value cards look set to go up and up and to be a great investment.