Magic: The Gathering, also known as just Magic, was developed by Richard Garfield and begun in 1993 by Wizards of the Coast. The trading game in 2011 had around 12.5 million players. The game is designed for two or multiple players and is played through a deck of actual printed cards or virtual cards over the internet. The printed cards have increased in value dramatically and now there are many that are extremely valuable.

Scarcity is of course the driver for the higher values. Some playing-cards had very limited runs, and some only had a handful produced. When these highly sought after trading-cards come on to the market there is excitement and competition.

Let’s have a look at the top ten Magic cards around on the market.

At No. 10, The 1996 World Champion

The World Champion card was awarded to Australia’s Tom Chanpheng when he won the world championship in 1996. This is the tenth most costly Magic trading-card. Magic collectors would love to have this in their collection.

At No. 9, We have Fraternal Exaltation

Richard Garfield developed three specific playing-cards for private occasions. Fraternal Exaltation is one of such cards. Because there were such limited runs of these they are in short supply.

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At No. 8, We have Shichifukujin Dragon

Some trading-cards were not actually made publicly available. Two of these official cards are unique and very rare; these cards are the Shichifukujin Dragons. To add one to your collection you would have to part with a lot of your hard earned cash.

At No. 7, We have Blue Hurricane

The Blue Hurricane card is perhaps one of the most popular and sought after Magic cards of the game. The green storms are less rare but the blue storm is an extremely rare offering to the market. This typo card is a great addition to any collection.

At No. 6, We have the Library of Alexandria and the Bazaar of Baghdad

These cards are very powerful in the game and came from the “Arabian Nights” section. Because of their power, they are extremely desirable. The cards retail for around $150 to $300.

At No. 5, We have Timetwisteer

This is a “Power 9” card allowing people to utilise their cards again. The Beta-cards are worth around $300; not an insignificant amount for a small piece of card!

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At No. 4, We have the Ancestral Recall

The Beta edition of this card retails on eBay for around $700. The card enables you to make the addition of three rounds of arms in no time at all.

At No. 3, We have Mox Pearl, Mox Ruby, Mox Jet, Mox Emerald, and Mox Sapphire

These playing-cards represent artefacts; if you like Magic items. The unlimited editions sell for $300 and the Beta and Alpha cards have gone for as much as $700.

At No. 2, We have Time Walk

This is a trading-card for time travel and is the second most expensive of the Magic playing-cards. It goes for more than $750 when it comes up on the market.

At No. 1, We have the Black Lotus

The Black Lotus card sells for around $1,500 for a decent Beta edition. The Alpha edition sells from more than $11,000. The rare cases of these playing-cards coming on to the market really do cause a stir in the Magic community. The card depicts black lotus flower on a green background. It enables you to add three mana of any colour to your mana pool. It’s a crazy amount of money for a piece of card. But then, rarity and desirability drive cost in every market.

The Condition of the Cards

It really is important that you take note of the condition of the trading-cards when you’re looking at the value of purchases. The better the condition the higher the value of the top cards. Trading-cards that are in particularly poor condition may go for a fraction of their potential value so make sure you become expert on the grading of condition before you even think about entering this market and making significant purchases.

eBay to Buy

eBay really is a great place to buy these cards but again you need to make sure that you understand the condition that you are expecting. There are lots of collectible items on eBay that retail at really good prices and you can often find some pretty rare things too. Seller eBay reputation is also key; specialists guard their reputation closely, so these are the people to buy from.

So there you have it… a look at the top ten magic playing-cards. As time goes by prices will increase and cards will become increasingly more rare. They are an interesting investment opportunity and are pretty nice cards to admire too.