Soccer cards were established way back in the late 19th century. Soccer has been around in in established way since the 1860’s and we’ve recently seen the football league celebrate their 125th anniversary. The popularity and interest in soccer has increased dramatically over the years in the UK, in Europe, and around the world. We’ve also seen a boom in North America, through Major League Soccer. With the interest spiralling, the history of the game has come into sharp focus with many interested enthusiasts. Soccer cards provide a glimpse back into the early days of football, as they were in essence a running commentary of what was going on.

In this article, we’ll look at some of the most valuable soccer card sets in the world. Of course, most of them come from the English Premier League, or Division One as it was previously known. We’ll finish off by looking at auto cards and famous players around the world..

1. The Ogdens 1908 Set

In 1908, Ogdens released their set termed Famous Footballers. It included 50 of the most well-known and respected names in the game from different clubs in the top division.

2. The Ogdens 1906 Set

The Football Club Colours set featured players from all the different clubs in the UK and some overseas too. The set numbered 51 and was extremely collectible then, and still is today.

3. The WA & AC Churchman 1914 Set

In 1914, a Football Colours Set was released featuring different players from the English League. There were 50 cards to collect in total and a full set is extremely valuable these days.

4. The Amalgamated Press 1926 Set

In 1926, Amalgamated Press released the football captains from the English League Division 1. There were 24 teams in the division and therefore there are 24 captains. The cards were extremely collectible featuring the name of the player and a picture of them too.

5. The Gallaher 1927 Set

Fifty cards were released by Gallaher in 1927. The set was called Footballers in Action and showed handshakes on halfway and footballers in full flow. It featured all the different teams in the English League.

6. The Gallaher 1925 Set

The 1925 set is extremely collectible, featuring 100 cards. It’s called the Famous Footballers, Green Back Set and has players from Arsenal, Manchester United, Newcastle United, Manchester City, and all the other clubs.

7. The 1938 Sherman’s Pools Ltd Set

This set featured 37 cards and had the full team posing for photos. It was called the Famous Teams Set. As well as English teams, it featured notable Scottish Teams such as Aberdeen, Celtic and Kilmarnock.

8. The 1935 Ogdens Set

In 1935, the Ogdens set featured 50 football caricatures. They were fun and are extremely collectible and valuable today. As with any of these sets… if you can get hold of the full set, it will be worth a lot of money.

9. The 1934 Carreras Set

The Carreras Set features 75 cards and is simply called Footballers. It has notable names from all the teams in the English leagues including players from Arsenal such as Alex James, and also a few Scottish players from the Scottish league too.

The Condition of Cards

The condition of the cards is obviously crucial to their value. A full set of any of these cards that is mint condition will be highly collectible because of the rarity of the cards in decent condition. However, cards that are of poor grade, faded with tears or blemishes, will attract significantly less investment from collectors.

10. Overseas and Autographed Cards

As well as these sets there are some cards that are particularly valuable. Our “tenth set” of cards is these Overseas and Autographed cards. Of course cards with Pele, Maradona, and other great footballers are extremely collectible. One of the most collectible is the Zinedine Zidane cards. One of the most expensive that’s ever been sold is the Roberto Baggio autographed card which went for tens of thousands of dollars.

Of course, the price of a product is down to the amount someone is willing to spend on it. If you have a popular player with a good autograph, and the right collector coming along at the right time, then you could make a fortune.

Autographed rare cards are always a great addition to a collection and add a spice and flavour to your collection that really does set it apart from the average collectors’ portfolio. Finding these cards coming onto the market is quite difficult and they often get snapped up very quickly. It’s therefore important that you keep your eyes on eBay and other auction sites; but also get onto the collector forums so that you can get access early to offerings that are coming on to the market. You should also watch out for fake cards and autographs as they are in circulation and could mean you spend a lot of money on something that has little or no value.