As we move into the end of this year and the beginning of the next the familiar sense of unrest hits us all. What did we achieve this year? Was it better than or worse than the last year? Areas of prominence are career, health and relationships in most cases. So here is a round up of some common new year resolutions that I hear every year, many of which just end up being broken with a few months, but that's another story.

New Year Resolution No. 1

I will kick the butt!
A number of people wish to quit smoking and this is a popular new year resolution. Unfortunately for most smokers it is nothing more than lip service to all the people who keep telling them to quit. They make a big deal about not smoking for a week or so then get desperate and go right back to it.

New Year Resolution No. 2

No more drinking for me!
Drinking alcohol is not bad, but getting addicted to it is. A glass of wine at supper is fine. I'm talking about the half a bottle of rum or whisky each evening. The people who are alcoholic generally believe they are not. Although many lighter drinkers do decide that the weekend binges need to go, but the resolution usually lasts just up to the next weekend.

New Year Resolution No. 3

I'm going on a diet.
Not eating normal food and going on a special diet to lose weight is quite a common resolution. The trouble lies not in going on a diet, but in going on insensible diets. Come one grapefruit for two weeks? How can that be healthy or nutritious or even possible. Anyone who decides to go on these fad diets which actually make little sense are going to not succeed in keeping their new year resolution.

New Year Resolution No. 4

I'm joining that gym.
To exercise daily and get fit is again a popular wish. Unfortunately many of us just don't feel that we have enough time to do this on a daily basis. There is always some crisis on at work, in a relationship or at home that takes precedence. However if the person is really serious this resolution may last all through January.

New Year Resolution No. 5

Eating healthy or Organic food.

Eating right is better than eating well. Many people agree with the concept and want to try eating healthier that they are. This again makes for a popular new year resolution. Just how effective this one is can be based directly on just how organized the person is. If you are the kind who will shop diligently for the right foods and cook then you will succeed or else this resolution is going to last just as long as the next shopping trip to the super market.

New Year Resolution No. 6

Make some "me " time.
As we hurry about trying to finish the last of our chores before the holiday cheer begins there is a great desire to have some time to oneself. To be able to unwind and relax. Just recover the energy that you have spent. This is one that needs great self discipline. How does the person react when during "me" time the kids want to play with you? Or you get an emergency at work? Handling the stress of such situations is difficult but not impossible. The key lies in planning ahead.

New Year Resolution No. 7

Learn something new or cultivate an old hobby.

This could be an extension of the me time given above. In fact it would make keeping both resolutions easier. If you have a formal hobby class to attend then you will be more serious about the relaxation or hobby you have picked. Doing a course in Bonsai Making or picking up a class on Pranayam Breathing Yoga techniques. Anything that you are interested in works. Just make sure that you stick to it to the last class and don't miss many in between.

New Year Resolution No. 8

Spend more time with kids.

This is again a popular wish. Who does not want to spend more time with their children. Unfortunately the problem with this resolution is that most parents don't know what to do with their children after a few days. The lack of activities makes the kids bored and the parents end up more hassled than happy. With a little preparation and some help from extra people this can become a great resolution to work on.

New Year Resolution No. 9

Update my degree and get back to school.

In the competitive age we live in the new kids on the block seem to have all the advantages that you don't. So what if you could not get your management degree when you were in college? There is no shortage of distance education courses on offer today. You can even do a part time program in your local university. Just make sure that you are committed to the course or it will be fee money paid down the drain if three months down the line you decide not to complete the course.

New Year Resolution No. 10

Get more organized.

To be punctual and have spare time one needs to be organized. This comes easy to some people and is really difficult for others. The urge to have everything in order is not one that can be taken lightly. You need to put in regular and sustained effort to stay organized even if you did manage to make a start. Many people give up in the face of more stress than they can handle. Still a bit of persistence can work really well in keeping your life and time organized.