The popularity of online degrees is growing by a staggering percentage and so is the respect that business owners are giving to applicants that have online degrees. Let's face it, this is no longer the questionable correspondence course of twenty or thirty years ago. Large, reputable colleges and universities are offering classes and degrees online. The question remains open as to what all of the students are actually studying. Because there are so many different types of online degrees, it is best to narrow it down to just the first ten.

First off, is of course, business administration. While many students actually want to pursue a business degree there are also those that use it in a default manner. They don't know quite what type of degree they want but they know that the business administration degree will help them in virtually any career they wish to pursue.

Next is nursing. The main concepts of nursing involve being able to evaluate patients, diagnose them and possibly treat them when necessary. This career is very people oriented and in great demand.

Psychology is the study of the mind and of behaviors. This is not limited to one on one patient work but it can be used in a research aspect as well.

Studying the legal system is next on the top ten list. This includes a Criminal Justice degree. This can include anything from the cause and evaluation of criminal behavior to prosecution in the job of Baliff in a courtroom.

Fifth of the top ten is Health Administration. This involves hospital administration, finances, economics and law. Essentially anything that needs to be known about running a medical facility.

A surprising number six is religion and theology. The study and practice of different religions is available.

Early Childhood Education came up as number seven. While education/teaching is a popular degree in and of itself. The specific field of childhood education is one that stands out.

Degrees in counseling made the top ten list of online degrees as number eight. Counseling is different than psychology in that it doesn't apply to research itself. It is more about understanding the way to communicate and best help those in need of understanding.

Accounting is a popular and widely needed degree and occupation. This is especially important for businesses and during tax time.

Human Services degrees involve learning about the behavioral and social sciences that make up the dynamics of foster children, elderly citizens and abuse victims.